Usually a full bath, a family bathroom need to cater to all ages and yet be a beautiful, open space for guests. This separates them from bathrooms designed exclusively for children. Though you may have small children in a family bathroom, this room should be able to age with them, and eventually serve teenagers.

Despite this, family bathrooms are meant for a wide age group of children. They should be safe and have plenty of space to get ready for the day and towel off after a bath. A great family bathroom should be:


Easy-to-clean surfaces, important in any bathroom, become essential in a high-traffic family bathroom.  Solid, waterproof surfaces like faux granite or marble not only look great; they’re as easy-to-clean as they come!

Try installing an undermount sink for extra surface area on your counter. Not only do you get a couple extra inches for soap or products, spills and other messes are easily wiped up and swept into the sink.


Especially if you have small children, you’ll need to make your bathroom safe.

Make sure your tub, shower, and floor have non-slip, even surfaces to avoid falls. If your shower is separate from your tub, keep its floor even with the rest of the bathroom to prevent tripping, and pick a bath that will be easy to lift children from. Add temperature regulators on taps and shower heads for safer, cooler bath and shower times.

Even if your bathroom is otherwise safe, there are a couple other conveniences you should consider. These include soft-close toilet lids for fewer slams, and curved edges on countertops to prevent scrapes and bumps. Rather than a clunky stool, you can also add a slide-out step at the bottom of the vanity to help children reach the faucet.

Full of Storage

Whether you have young children or teens, your family will use a lot of products, accessories, and tools to get ready in the morning. Plus, you’re family bathroom will need space to store plenty of towels and toilet paper to avoid situations where your child calls out for you to rescue them.


A family bathroom, with its high traffic, should be efficient for multiple bodies at once. Be careful not to cram in furniture you don’t need; you’ll need that floor space!

In a small bathroom, it might be tempting to skip the bathtub. Even if it’s a small one, however, leave one in. it may mean carefully designing the rest of the room to be able to move, but a bathtub is a must-have for any bathroom with children. Even when your children have grown, future buyers may appreciate the inclusion of a tub for their little ones.

If you do have the space, consider adding in twin basins. These help your kids on busy mornings or while getting ready for bed. These may also be a nice feature for guests bringing their families.

Neutral or ageless in design

Choosing neutral colors, rather than the bright pastels or primaries of a child-only bathroom, helps this bathroom look and feel welcoming as your family grows. You can use color pops in the vanity or in painted accents. However, you may find it best to decorate with easily-changed items like towels, rugs, and curtains. You may not have time to come back and repaint or take down old wallpaper.

Full baths, however, don’t have to be boring. Look at the bright oranges in this bathroom! Teenagers and adults will be more willing to use bathrooms such as this if you can’t do without bright color.

family bathroom designs


Also, make sure you pick durable, easy-to-handle hardware. Fixtures like handles and taps will need to last through the years, and not just in style.

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