Bathroom remodels increase the resale value of your home. But don’t let that remodel go to waste by displaying your bathroom wrong when giving tours! Follow these 5 to make your bathroom look most appealing to potential buyers:

Step 1: Clean Everything

Even if you’ve got a brand-new remodel, chances are it could use, at the very least, a dusting. Especially if you aren’t currently living in the home you’re selling. If you do use your bathroom regularly, be sure to give it a thorough scrubbing. Clean those spots off the mirror, wipe up counters, and make sure that soap scum isn’t accumulating in your sink and tub.

Step 2: Keep Cleaning Things Out of Sight

This includes toilet brushes, garbage cans, and even that Febreze. When selling a bathroom, you don’t want to imply that keeping it sparkling requires a lot of hard work.

And last but not least, remember to hide away that bathroom scale. No one likes being reminded of their weight. Keep your buyer’s focus on the benefits of your bathroom.

Step 3: Remove Everyday Toiletries

This doesn’t mean just tidy up and organize. This means pull them out of sight. And not just the embarrassing items like deodorant and razors. Toothbrushes, makeup … even the shampoo and conditioner have to go. Why? Your buyers are here to look at the space, not your personal effects, and for many people, seeing other people’s private items in a bathroom makes them feel awkward and embarrassed, as if they are intruding on someone else’s space rather than being introduced to their future home.

Step 4: Promote Storage

Getting those toiletries out of the way also displays the full width of your bathroom’s storage capabilities. Keep your cupboards clean and neat. Buyers will want to look in them to evaluate the storage space available. For this reason, ensure cupboards are only half way to two-thirds full so that the extra space is apparent, making the buyer feel as if there is room for all of their accessories.

Step 5: Add Freshness

Adorn your bathroom with clean, fluffy towels and a luxurious bathmat. These items soften the look of cold bathroom tile and walls, making the bathroom feel like a spa retreat rather than just another room in the house. Want to add an extra touch? Add an elegant vase of flowers to evoke a feeling of freshness. Spritzing your favorite scent is a great idea as well – just don’t use too much!

Keeping your bathroom beautiful and refreshing can ensure potential buyers enjoy your bathroom remodel, making it more likely for them to purchase your home.