We’ve touched a lot this month on 2017 bathroom trends, taking on a project to add value to your home, improving your space and home, our brand new color offerings for our proprietary DuraBath product, fun DIY projects for cabinets and vanities, remodel mistakes to avoid this year. The wonderful thing about starting reinventing spaces and homes in a new year, is that you can also reinvent YOU! This is a time where you can put everything from the last year behind you and refocus on the things that really matter in your home, and in your happiness.

It’s easy for goals you set to become lost, or even feel like another job on the to-do list. Here are some simple ideas that will help you continue to feel motivated and accomplished in your own homes.

Examine and Reinvent Your Environment

Many people don’t realize that their surroundings play an important role in their attitudes and mood. For example, a red room has been proven to increase appetite, while a lavender room calms the nerves and allows relaxation. Repainting a room can increase your creative mind, or calm stressful nerves. A new paint job for your hall, kids’ bath, or master bath, is a simple and budget-friendly idea, and takes a weekend to do. The colors in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces should reflect the right purpose and you should keep this in mind as you reinvent your bathroom.

Because your bathroom can be a refuge and a retreat, we recommend painting whites, warm colors, blues, or greens.. Choose colors that will help you feel fresh, clean, and relaxed. This will help you start off the day rejuvenated, so consider colors that work well with your skin tone, and help you look and feel confident when you look in the mirror. Once you get the ball rolling on a small project like this, it may lead to more a full or partial bathroom remodel!

Replace the Simple Things

Most of the time, a full bathroom makeover is not possible; however, creating a better version of the bathroom will help create a better version of yourself. In fact, changing some small and simple things can do more than you can imagine towards your goal to reinvent your bathroom.

Dripping faucets, noisy bathroom fans, and flickering lights are all easy fixes that will dramatically improve the overall feel of the bathroom. In return, your brain will spend less energy and time trying to block out the competing sounds and images, and more energy on the important things you want to focus on.

Improve the Smells in Your Bathroom

The scents in the house should be deliberate and purposeful. Without care and consideration your house can begin to smell like a mixture of all the things people are eating and doing throughout the day.

Scents still have the power to change your mood, sometimes instantly. There are various ways that you can help your house and bathroom smell great without using ineffective Aersol cans or sprays. Check out our blog about how to make your bathroom smell like Christmas for some simple bathroom ideas on scents (both holiday and non-holiday!)

If you feel ready for change, talk to our Re-Bath team! They can help you figure out some of the best and easiest ways to reinvent your bathroom by transforming your space, from simple bathroom ideas an updates, to the renovation of a beautiful new bathroom space.