While Bertch Cabinet Manufacturing is our vendor of choice for vanities, counter tops, and mirrors, who doesn’t want to have some fun with DIY? It’s thrilling to have custom bathroom cabinets or vanities installed in your bathroom, especially picking your own color, style, and wood!

Getting custom bathroom cabinets and vanity work done does have its pros and cons. We’ve provided a list to help you make the best decision for your bathroom.

Pros Of Custom Bathroom Cabinets:

Complete Control

First of all, custom work gives you the freedom to control the situation, rather than relying on others’ designs or colors. Within your budget, you can decorate your cabinet exactly as you want it. This gives you the flexibility to design around hardware or fit your cabinet and vanity into tricky spaces. Whether you’re matching only your bathroom or the rest of your home for a unified feel, you choose every detail!

Price vs. Quality

Remember to balance quality with budget when considering custom bathroom cabinets and vanities. It’s likely that you’ll come across less expensive manufactured cabinets. However, contracted pieces—when done right—are made for your bathroom.


Of course, the main benefit of a customizable cabinet is just that: it is customizable! You can choose unusual shapes and unique designs, special beveling, and more. Custom bathroom cabinets are also great for filling in tight or awkward spaces where a manufactured cabinet won’t or can’t fit.

Plus, if a pre-existing cabinet suffered damage and you need to replace it, you’ll have a better chance with custom design. It can be risky to rely on the store for the model you need!

Cons of Custom Bathroom Cabinets:


In some homes, custom cabinets aren’t quite as durable because catalyzed varnish must be applied by a manufacturer and baked on (depending by state). This ensures that the finish will last and last. Unless you search out a custom contractor to apply this type of varnish, take into consideration how durable you need your cabinets to be during their warranty.


Local cabinet makers may have their own warranties. However, unlike manufacturers, it isn’t always as likely that the local guy will be around for the next 10 years or so. If you have an issue with the finish or hinges, it may be better to rely on a long-lasting provider.

Small Customizations

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, of course. Try mixing and matching. Manufactured cabinetry works wonderfully with customized pieces to fill in those awkward spaces. Plus, this gives your bathroom a fun, DIY feel!


If you’re thinking of adding or updating cabinets and vanities, our Design Consultants can help meet your individual needs. Fill out a free, in-home consultation form and let us help you create the cabinetry and vanity of your dreams, whether it’s custom bathroom cabinets, pre-made cabinets or a mixture of the two!