Bathroom remodels are called re-models for a reason. Usually, something’s gone wrong with the original bathroom. This can be anything from the usual wear and tear, to improper installation of DIY, to “outdated” needing to be “updated”. To get a beautiful bathroom that will last you another ten years, plan your remodel carefully, and avoid these 10 most common bathroom remodel mistakes:


Not Including a Bathroom Ventilation Fan

Older homes often lack bathroom exhaust fans, and some people still see them as an unnecessary accessory. However, the ventilation fan does more than just cycle out unpleasant odors. These fans also prevent water accumulation during hot showers, which means less water damage in your bathroom.

Poor Waterproofing

Speaking of water damage, bathrooms that are not properly waterproofed can lead to quick decay, particularly in and around the shower. Ensure your walls are protected by a shower or tub surround to prevent your drywall from mold and mildew. This can be one of the most common bathroom remodel mistakes.

Poor Lighting

Dark bathrooms are often synonymous with uncomfortable bathrooms. Bad lighting can make it difficult to clean those dark corners, leading to a higher chance of mold. Most importantly, it’s hard to see your own reflection clearly in a dark bathroom! Add extra lighting around the vanity to ensure your bathroom is brightly lit, warm, and welcoming.

Too Little Storage

Lack of proper storage is a very common bathroom remodel mistake. Many bathroom remodels occur because the bathroom just doesn’t have the optimal space and storage that a growing family needs. If you are planning a remodel in the near future, be sure to plan out clever and beautiful storage.

Too Cramped

Having plenty of storage does not mean sacrificing space and comfort. Old bathrooms are also remodeled because there isn’t enough room. Vanities that block doorways, toilets that block doors, or cramped tubs can all be replaced with beautiful and space saving solutions that don’t sacrifice comfort for function.

Not Having a Plan

Some of the bathroom remodels we take over are poorly executed DIY jobs. Whether performing your own remodeler or hiring a contractor, you must have a firm plan for your bathroom. This means budgeting not only the financial aspect, but also time, matching materials, and who will be doing what aspects of the work.

Unrealistic Budget

You can’t hope to design a $15,000 bathroom when there’s only $5,000 to work with. Part of planning is ensuring you know how much money you have and are willing to spend for this project so that you can maintain that budget from start to finish and not be forced to cut corners at the end of the renovation. Which leads to our next point—


Cutting corners is only going to reduce your happiness with the remodel once it’s finished. Learn where to splurge in your bathroom model and where to save in order to create a reasonable budget and avoid one of the most common bathroom remodel mistakes.

Ignoring Small Inconsistencies

Updating that tile on your floor? Repainting the wall? As you go along, fix any small mistakes you notice, including crooked tiles and holes in the drywall. Those mistakes can add up to a mismatched, bothersome bathroom. Don’t convince yourself you can live with it. Fix it as you go along, or hire professionals.

Not Hiring the Right Fit

We stand out as not being a chuck-in-a-truck: one-man contractors have to sub-contract most of their services, forcing you and your home to deal with multiple sub-contractors, ultimately costing you time and security. We handle everything from design to done, every step of the way. If you need help remodeling your bathroom, contact us today to get a free consultation. We’ll walk you through your dream bathroom, and make sure your needs are addressed for your bathroom remodel and that you avoid these common bathroom remodel mistakes.