With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’ll want your bathroom and home to look romantic for you and your sweetheart. Staples like balloons, roses, and fluffy robes are great to have on-hand, but if you want a cohesive look perfect for you as a couple, check out these 13 romantic bathroom ideas for Valentine’s Day bathroom decorating.

1. Choose Your Romantic Bathroom Mood

If you want a passionate and calming bathroom space, go for pillows, bubbles, rose petals, champagne, and warm colors. For a calming spa look, use plenty of steam, relaxing scents, natural wood décor, tea lights, and sparkling cucumber or citrus-based coolers. Let us help you design your bathroom mood with a partial bathroom remodel!

2. Clean Up The Space

Cleaning might not sound romantic. However, clutter, garbage, and laundry piles can distract from your mood. Clear up products, brushes, and razors from the ledge of the bathtub or shower and counter-top spaces. Your tidier space will help keep the mood distraction-free.

3. Lighting

A Valentine’s romantic bathroom looks best with just the right ambient lighting. Install a dimmer switch or a programmed switch for romantic mood lighting. If this is not an option for you, use plenty of candles. During the day, fill the room with natural light for a soft, pleasant effect.

4. Romantic Bathroom Candles

Use tall red candles on the tub ledge for an ultra-luxurious, romantic look. You can also place tea lights all over the floor to light up a large bathroom. Or float them in the tub for a great romantic bathroom idea!

5. Perfume And Scents

Your romantic atmosphere will depend on more than just its appearance. Spray scents through the bathroom to set the right mood. But you don’t have to worry about relying on heavy, overdone florals. In fact, it might be most effective to create nostalgia with a scent that means a lot to you as a couple.

6. Rose Petals In The Bathtub

The most popular bathroom decoration may already be a great tradition for you and your sweetheart. Shake it up by sprinkling the petals into shapes like hearts or initials on top of bubble bath foam. If you’re skipping the bubbles this year, add lemon or lime slices into the water with the rose petals. This adds great color contrast and the scent can help you relax. Citrus water is also great for your skin!

7. White Or Pink Rose Petals

Red roses are the most popular for sprinkling in the tub or for leaving a trail. However, you don’t have to battle the crowds or pay Valentine prices for red petals. Try white petals for a clean spa look while maintaining the romantic mood. Or, add pink petals for an extra-sweet look. You also don’t have to stick to roses for décor. Though rose petals look great floating in water, you can also use the heads of flowers that have special meaning for you or your partner.

8. Prepare A Relaxing Romantic Bath

You can add much more than rose petals to your bath. Try some lemon or lime slices with cucumber for a great-smelling detox bath. Or you can add great-smelling salts or a bath bomb while setting up!

9. Romantic Bathroom Furniture Ideas

If your bathtub doesn’t have convenient or safe ledges, add some elegant furniture to your master bathroom. At Re-Bath we help you with design solutions like you can move a small table close to the bathtub and drape it with a red tablecloth. Top with wineglasses or champagne flutes, flowers, and a dessert for two.

You can also pull up an armchair or a neat dining room chair with red cushions or pillows so you or your sweetheart can relax.

10. Rugs And Towels

No room for furniture, here’s a great romantic bathroom idea? You can still get that romantic, luxurious look with regular bathroom decorations. Add a fluffy white bath mat and clean white towels or a blanket for a softening touch. Using white goes with almost any bathroom and helps the room look clean and comfortable.

11. Color Adds Depth To Your Bathroom

Red has passionate connotations, so add it to your bathroom where you can. This could be with candles, pillows and headrests, or towels. But if red doesn’t work with you, that’s okay! Use other relaxing colors to set your mood, or invoke nostalgia with a favorite wedding color.

12. Hearts For Your Romantic Bathroom

If you like casual and fun décor, try “heart attacking” your bathroom. This is a good way to dress up the walls in a small area and make your bathroom feel festive without crowding the space.

Valentines Romantic Bathroom Ideas.jpg

13. Remodeling Before Valentine’s?

Before Valentine’s or any other romantic occasion, try updating your bathtub. Whether you like a standing and separate tub or one dropped into the floor, you can help your bathroom feel extra romantic any time of year. You can also add dimmer switches and programmed lighting for ambiance, or windows and skylights for natural light.

Whatever your plans, Re-Bath would love to help you achieve the most relaxing and romantic bathroom for your home. Contact us today and we would love to help you with your romantic bathroom solutions!