New Bathroom Technology for 2017

New bathroom technology keeps coming out, with upgrades to showers, toilets and more. Read on to learn about new bathroom technology for 2017.

It’s no secret that we are in an age of technology: faster and smarter appliances hit the market every day. It’s no surprise then that there is new bathroom technology available. Check out these newest gadgets that are expected to take over bathrooms in 2017!


Sensor Mirrors

This mirror by Simple Human lights up when your face approaches it. The light stimulates natural sunlight to give you best lighting for applying makeup. Need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? The motion sensors will stop you from having to fumble around with the light switch.

Waterproof televisions

Why would you need a water-proof TV? To put in the shower, of course! Showers are more than just place to get clean. Now you can shower without having to miss the morning news, saving you time, which is a great use of new bathroom technology. Also, this newest addition provides a relaxing environment where you can unwind and watch your favorite show at the end of the day. Televisions are making their way into the bathroom.

We are also beginning to see vanity mirrors with televisions that play in the bottom. The mini TV still leaves plenty of room for you to brush your teeth and apply makeup. They also will disappear when you are no longer watching them.

Shower Technology

Shower technology is getting a massive upgrade, and is some of the neater new bathroom technology out. Imagine electronic LCD panels that allow you to change the water pressure, temperature, steam, and music. This is the future of showers. Shower heads are beginning to incorporate Bluetooth into their normal functions, which means that you can listen to music without having to bring in separate speakers. You can also keep your showers at your favorite settings, reducing the time it takes to adjust the water to the perfect temperature.

Chromatherapy showers are hitting the market as well. These showers use color therapy to relax and invigorate the body. LEDs in the shower heard cycle through different colors. These can also be programmed through LCD panels.


New Bathroom Technology ToiletsHigh-Tech Toilets

Our toilets are getting smarter, too! Asia is using specialized toilets that don’t require hands or paper. These new toilets have temperature-controlled water, sprays and automatic dryers. There are also toilet seat warmers with LED lights. Love cleaning the toilet? Then this exciting feature won’t apply to you: self-cleaning toilets! Gone are the days of trying to hide that toilet brush in the corner, out of sight. Isn’t new bathroom technology neat?


Water Savers

With renewed emphasis on the environment, we are seeing an increase in technology that saves water, which will also save you money. Digital faucets now have timers to automatically turn off water. Water pebbles have built in sensors that you can put at the bottom of shower. These will tell you when to stop the water so that you don’t waste water.

Heating and Cooling Cabinets

With heated drawers, getting out of the shower on a winter day doesn’t have to seem as daunting. This technology will keep your towels at the perfect temperature. In a small bathroom, heated drawers are going to save more space than an accessory, such as a towel rack.

Cooling cabinets are also a neat type of new bathroom technology that keeps medicine and drinks cold enough to store in the bathroom. When you are sitting in the tub, or watching a movie, the last thing you want to do is leave to get a drink. These cooling cabinets take care of this problem. By adding them into your bathroom, you can enjoy a cool glass of your favorite beverage at any time.

If your bathroom is starting to feel outdated, talk to us! We can help you upgrade your bathroom with your choice of new bathroom technology for an affordable price.