Tips and tricks on keeping your bathroom cozy during darker months.

When that winter chill touches the air, there’s one room in the house that always feels much colder: the bathroom. Not only are those bare floors cold on the toes, but hopping in and out of the shower can leave one particularly vulnerable to the winter chill. Use these tips and tricks to make your bathroom more comfortable this holiday season, so you can feel cozy in every room of your home:


Robes and Towelsmake your bathroom more comfortable

Extra thick, plushy towels are just the thing to cut off that winter chill when stepping out of the shower. Want some extra warmth? Prepare them with a towel warmer. Want that warmth to linger? Warm up a plush bath robe, which is a sure fire way to make your bathroom more comfortable.

Warm Colors

Repainting your bathroom with warm reds, browns, or oranges can give your bathroom a sense of visual warmth, making it feel more comfortable and inviting during the snowy winter months.


Accessorizing is an easy way to make your bathroom more comfortable. Add seasonal plants or scented candles. Soothing scents of pine or cinnamon paired with flickering flames can create a calm and peaceful bathroom environment for a soothing winter bubble bath. Pair this with a waterproof radio singing your favorite tunes, and you’re in for a relaxing evening.

Bathroom Rugs

A bathroom rug will take the chill off of cold floors when stepping in and out of the shower, but you can also place a rug in front of your vanity to keep your feet warm when preparing for the day. You don’t have to limit yourself to a basic bathmat either. Find rugs that are thick and comfortable (just check the washing instructions so that you invest in one that is easy to clean). Don’t have the room for rugs? A pair of fuzzy slippers can be a great alternative when you’re trying to make your bathroom more comfortable.

Heated Floors

Tired of bathroom rugs? Perhaps it’s time to install some radiant floor heating. Radiant floors will keep your bare floors pleasantly warm. As a bonus, the heat will rise upward, warming your entire bathroom from the ground up.

If you not only want to make your bathroom more comfortable, but need a fresh new design and feel, contact us today.