Winter is a great time to remodel your bathroom for multiple reasons. Click here to learn 4 big reasons winter is a great time to remodel your bathroom:

With the cold and the chill, winter seems like a time to burrow deeper beneath the covers, not invest in a bathroom remodel! But before you get cozy in that bed, you’ll want to review these 4 reasons why winter is one of the best months to remodel your bathroom:


Remodel Your BathroomCost Effective

Most remodelers are the busiest in the summer months, which can translate into an increase in prices. Additionally, many manufacturers discount remodeling items during the slower winter season. Particularly if you like wooden bathroom cabinets, you can find opportunities to save big.

Comfort Optimized

Not only will a bathroom remodeled in the winter mean optimal comfort for you in the summer months, but winter provides some optimal working conditions for your installers. Bathroom remodels are most often done in doors. And many workers prefer to be inside during the winter than drowning in sweat during the muggy summer months.

Find and Fix Leaks

There’s no easier time to recognize a leak in your window than in the winter when the cold air creeps into your home (especially when that heating bill starts to climb). Winter is an optimal time to replace windows, so if you are planning to remodel your bathroom and include window replacements, you can start saving immediately on your heating bill. And don’t worry, we have the right tools and procedures to ensure that your home won’t become a freezer while we work.

Time Effective

As we mentioned before, summer is one of the busiest times for remodelers, so contracting one in the off season means that you’ll have more of their time and attention. And, even if you don’t plan to implement your remodel during the colder months, there’s nothing saying that you can’t get started with a free consultation so that you can finalize your remodeling plans and prepare your budget for when you’re ready to remodel in the spring.

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