How to Hang Bathroom Towels: Guest Blog

Ever wondered how to hang bathroom towels? Today's guest blog post "How To Hang Bathroom Towels" answers just that. Read more to learn 6 ways to hang towels:


Hooks, bars, racks or rings – these are just a few choices for how to hang bathroom towels! The products we pick should add visual interest to the space, but also be functional. There are so many options in every style, shape, size and color imaginable.  How do you choose what’s best for you?

The first thing to consider is the type of towel hang you are most comfortable with.  What is effortless for you? Do you prefer to just quickly hang up your towel on a hook, or do you like the neatness of folded towels? You’ll want to choose a style that fits your overall space and design, too.

What material do you pick? There is a wide range of materials and finishes today, high end metals; to plastic and wooden materials that add a rustic charm. You should also keep in mind how much “foot traffic” and guests will be using that bathroom.  Allow for hanging two towels per person.

Here are 6 of the most popular ways to answer how to hang bathroom towels: 


Hooks take less space on your walls, provide ease for kids, and don’t require towel -folding.

How To Hang Bathroom Towels

However, they can look sloppier to some; and towels may not dry completely.


Towels dry more consistently when they are spread out – towel bars are effective, while also providing a neater look. You will want to ensure you have enough wall space where your towel bar can be installed horizontally.

How To Hang Bathroom Towels


Much like hooks, rings are great for tighter spaces, and require minimal folding.  Rings are also the preferred choice for smaller hand towels and are often seen in powder rooms. Specifically for powder and guest bathrooms, rings are a great answer for how to hang bathroom towels.


Wall-mounted and free-standing, towel racks are elegant and simple. They provide versatility, and can be easily moved. With free-standing racks, you will want ensure sturdiness for holding the weight of a bath towel.

 How To Hang Bathroom Towels

(Courtesy of Crate & Barrel)


Warm towels are the best! These wonderful racks are also available wall-mounted or free-standing. Choose the best design for your space layout and personal preference. If you want to be able to move the warmer around the space or even from room-to-room, opt for free-standing models. The bars do get rather warm, so you’ll want to monitor children around them, or make sure the bars are in a location harder for child access.