Using Durabath as your bathroom tile replacement solution. When should you use Durabath instead of tile in your home bathroom bathtub, shower, or flooring?

You’ve probably heard of Re-Bath bathroom tile replacement solution – Durabath. (If you haven’t, check here!) Durabath is a great material, and is similar to tile in many ways, but is also significantly different. But how different? Just where should you use Durabath instead of tile in your bathroom?


Shower/tub surrounds:

Protection for your walls is a must in the soggiest part of the bathroom. Without a surround of some sort, walls can quickly grow mold and mildew, while warping and even crumbling with time.

Don’t get us wrong. Tile surrounds can be beautiful and intricate, but tile also comes with grout which can be impossible to keep clean, particularly if you have small kids who splash soap and shampoo all over.
Using Durabath as a bathroom tile replacement means easy cleaning, because it is grout free. And because it’s resistant to molds and mildews, you don’t have to worry about that icky black and orange gunk growing in one of the most vulnerable parts of your home.


Impressively, the floor receives even more abuse than the tub! With all that splashing in and out of the shower, not to mean spills from the sink and, er, toilet, that floor needs to be easy to clean, durable, and not fade with time. Durabath can provide all of this, and with the wide variety of styles and designs available, is sure to look beautiful in your home.


Wainscoating adds elegance to a bathroom, but also provides additional protection for walls from misty showers. Create a beautiful, cohesive look in your bathroom by matching Durabath wainscoting to your tub surround, or flooring.

Where to Use Tile…

Sink Backsplash:

To clarify, Durabath works just as well as tile for a sink backsplash, particularly if you are looking for a beautiful and easy-clean solution. But if you’re looking for a place to use beautiful tiles or even splurge on a glass tile mosiac, the sink backsplash can be a beautiful place to use accent tiles.

Splash Wrap:

Like the sink backsplash, a splash tile wrap that encircles your shower, tub, or even entire bathroom is a beautiful place to add decorative tiles. And though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend Durabath as a splash wrap, it certainly looks stunning with a splash wrap.
Bathroom tile replacement can be difficult, if you need some advice on how and where to use tile or Durabath in your bathroom give us a call. We’ll set up a free on site consultation so we can provide custom advice and a personalized estimate for your bathroom remodel.Locate your local Re-Bath representative today.