2017 Bathroom Trends from Designers

2017 bathroom trends come in a variety of features, from new technology to heated floors and more. Learn about new 2017 bathroom trends here:

Thinking about redoing your bathroom or even just making a few adjustments? Find out what designers are saying are going to be the best 2017 bathroom trends.


1.       Jewel Tones

It’s about that shine this year. “metallic, metals, raw-cut quartz, Lucite and opal will add a dash of sparkle and interest,” says the Nathan + Jac team. However, not all metals are making the cut. An oversaturation of copper and rose gold in the previous years is driving out this look. Instead if you want to add metal try out more industrial ones like black steel and burnished metal.

We estimate that the look will focus more on the romantic era. Transparent fabrics, silks, and sheers, are all in demand.

2.       Three-Dimensional Tile2017 Bathroom Trends 2017


These tiles are making a statement while still providing a classy atmosphere, and are one of the top 2017 bathroom trends. Not only will they look good, but they will also add to the touch of the bathroom. We recommend that if you get three-dimensional tiles that you keep the colors fairly low key and monochromatic. This will allow the tiles to give your bathroom a fun and unique feel without making it feel cluttered.

3.       Technology in the bathroom.

Electronics are now finding their way into all parts of our lives, so it’s no wonder they’re part of the hot new 2017 bathroom trends.. Bluetooth devices, wireless speakers, televisions, docking stations, etc. Now you can see these applications showing up in bathroom mirrors, showerheads, and vanities. People want to make their bathroom experience more than just a routine.

Music and media help in both practicality and relaxation. In fact, researchers found that in some cases music is effective enough to be used in medicine and healing. Movies are making their way into the bathroom as well. Can you picture it- sitting in your tub and watching your favorite film? That would make any hard day better. We’ve even seen people placing TV’s in their shower area, so that they can catch up on all the latest events while getting ready. Although we recommend that you look into water protection for those.

4.       Bring on the Heat

With the advances of technology, in-floor heating is not only becoming more popular but more affordable as well, part of the reason that this feature made it on a list of 2017 bathroom trends. If you are living in a place that gets cold, you might want to think about installing these. Heated floors, also called radiant flooring, is achieved in one of two ways, electric and hydronic. There are pros and cons to both of these systems, so talk to your bathroom contractor and see which would be best for your home.

Another trend that is growing in bathroom heating is towel warmers. These are also affordable and can be found in many designs, so you can match them to your bathroom. Did we mention they are perfect for when you get out of the shower on those cold winter days?

5.       New and Improved Shower Systems.

Showers are going up against baths and winning. People use the shower much more frequently than they use bathtubs, and as such they want their shower to provide that relaxing quality that their bathtub does. In order to achieve this, showers are gaining new accessories like body sprays, water jets, steam and sauna capabilities and multiple shower heads. These features are transforming shower time into a spa experience. If you want to upgrade your shower without having to pay a huge price, think about adding a built in bench.

6.       Fire

If you have a little extra money left in your budget, consider this new 2017 bathroom trend. You should think about adding a fireplace. Designers say that this is one trend that you won’t regret. Fireplaces instantly bring your bathroom to the next level. They add to the resale value so this is an addition that will just keep on giving. Not only that but they can make a long day seem to just melt away by adding luxury and romance to your bathroom. Worried about space? Think about adding a ventless fireplace.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom and get the latest features, talk to us! We love working with people and providing them with the most comfortable and stylish bathrooms possible.

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