Re-Bath Before and After Remodel – Moving Bathroom Fixtures

Moving bathroom fixtures can create a big difference in your bathroom space. Take a look at these before and afters of a remodel of moving bathroom fixtures

One of the main reasons people consider a bathroom remodel is because their bathroom is making them uncomfortable in some way. Whether it’s a mold issue, an outdated color, or an uncomfortable fixture – if your bathroom makes you frustrated or uncomfortable, it’s time to consider an update like this homeowner did. Something as simple as moving bathroom fixtures can make a big difference.


Before Re-Bath Remodel

This bathroom in a small, uniquely shaped room is cramped and uncomfortable. To start with, the sink partially blocks the door, immediately eliciting a feeling of claustrophobia.

Next, the bathtub is tucked in a corner like normal, but the unusual dimensions of this small bathroom force the tub to jut out into the middle of the room.

And the toilet shoved into the corner where there is no leg room can’t be comfortable, either.