His and Hers Bathroom

What make a his and hers bathroom work? What women want in a bathroom vs. what men want in a bathroom is what makes a his and hers bathroom a reality.

What exactly would a his and hers bathroom look like?  Men and women are vastly different – it is no surprise that both parties have a different idea of their “dream bathroom.” However, there are a few things that can make both happy. In fact, 85 percent of men and women want to change the overall layout of their bathroom, 45 percent want a larger bathroom, 37 percent want a larger shower.


What Does the Woman Want?

Women have an average of 437 personal bathroom items. That is about 50 times moreHis And Hers Bathroom - Cosmetics personal items than men! As such, 70 percent of women want more storage in the bathroom. They also tend to spend a lot more time in the space, applying make-up, showering, moisturizing, etc. Because of this, women typically desire a higher quality and quantity of lighting. Natural lighting is best, and can be achieved through windows, sunroofs, and more advanced light bulbs. While many women say they want a nice tub with jets, they often don’t use that feature, but are much more likely to appreciate lighting and storage in a his and hers bathroom.

His And Hers Bathroom ShowerWhat Does the Man Want?

Research has shown that men typically want more technology in the bathroom. That means installing steam showers, televisions, and Bluetooth radio audio systems will help satisfy the man in a his and hers bathroom.

For men, the shower plays a big part in bathroom satisfaction. In particular, lower shower-heads cause more “crouching”, making tall shower heads, benches, and steam jets more desired attributes of their ideal sanctuary.

How to Create a Harmonious His And Hers Bathroom

Color is one thing on which men and women seem to disagree. Men typically enjoy darker colors, such as slate, wood, and stone tiling. Women, on the other hand, enjoy softer shades and lighter-colored cabinets. The solution? Start with neutral colors like beige and add color through cabinetry and accessories, creating a compromise that lends itself to a harmonious his and hers bathroom.

Use lighting options that provide the desired amount of lighting, but can also be dimmed or adjusted for a more relaxed mood.

Lastly, consider pairing up a sink vanity with a dry vanity to increase storage and comfort. This will keep the area clean and less cluttered, while allowing easy access to all of hygiene products, and space to get ready comfortably.

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