Designing the Perfect Bathroom for Baby

A baby bathroom makes bathing your new baby much easier and safer. Learn what bathroom features to include in your baby bathroom with today's blog post.


If you are expecting a new baby, you want them to be happy, safe, and comfortable. The bathroom can come with its own share of dangers for small hands and feet, so protect your newborn by designing the perfect baby bathroom:

Baby Tub

There are so many options to choose from when selecting a bathtub for your baby. Some tubs are miniBaby Bathroom inserts that fit inside your current bathtub, while others are made to fit in the kitchen sink.

Regardless of the type you choose, the bathroom can be a convenient place to store your baby’s tub. Collapsible tubs can hang on the back of the bathroom door, or inside the linen closet, while mini tubs can fit in a linen closet, or in their own designated space in your baby bathroom.

Shower Curtain

If your baby tub fits in the bathtub, a shower curtain is a must. Shower curtains allow you easier access to your baby, giving you the mobility to reclaim runaway toys, and help your playful toddler wash behind the ears.

Handheld Showerhead

A handheld showerhead turned on low can apply a gentle stream of water that helps you reach all of your toddler’s hard to clean places. Pay careful attention to water temperature and intensity so that no burns occur.

Nonslip Mats

Where will your baby be sitting in your baby bathroom during bath time? Some baby tubs recommend including a nonslip mat to ensure your little one stays stable. These mats are an especially good idea as babies get older and start spending bath time in the larger tub!


Keep plenty of sponges and washcloths on hand in your baby bathroom closet so that you can gently remove those spaghetti splatters from little arms and faces. These can be stored in a stylish basket where you have all of baby’s things easily on hand.

Hooded Towels

Hooded towels are a wonderful way to keep baby’s head warm after a bath (and baby looks so cute in them!). Store your baby’s towels in a dry, warm location, and invest in two or three towels so that you don’t have to do laundry everyday.

Diaper Pail

Disposing of dirty diapers can make the trashcan smell in a hurry! And no one wants to constantly run outside to the big dumpster every time baby needs to be changed. A Diaper pail is a great solution for disposing of diapers in your baby bathroom. These are very similar to a tall, lidded trashcan, with one notable difference – they are designed to completely eliminate odors. Storing one of these in your bathroom can make changing time much easier.

Need Something?

Need to add some new features in your bathroom to make things easier for you and baby?  If you need to replace your glass door with a shower curtain, or upgrade your sink or tub, contact us today to set up your free, in-home consultation.