Bathtub Sizes: How Does your Bathtub Fit?

Take tips on the right type of tub for your bath space from our Re-Bath interior designer and guest blogger.

Re-Bath welcomes our guest blogger, certified interior designer Denise Teichert Krogman!

Denise is an Allied member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), and has actively led projects in Arizona, Colorado, and California for over 25 years. With media giants under her belt like Cox Communications and Clear Channel Radio, and regular publications in several lifestyle magazines, Denise also co-owns a full Design/Build remodeling firm with her husband, Rob. She has an eye for decor and a care for composition, and is our Re-Bath Designer: a creator who understands how to convert a living space into something beautiful and functional. We are very excited to have Denise as our regular guest blogger!

Bathtub Sizes – How Does Your Bathtub Fit?

bathtub sizes and choosing the right one

When is the last time you “tried on” a bathtub?  If you are looking at remodeling your bathroom anytime soon, I highly recommend you try your tub on for size! When doing bathroom renovations, we put a lot of focus into making sure our bathtubs fit into the space – that is definitely important!

However, when considering bathtub sizes, have you asked “Does your bathtub fit YOU?”

It’s equally important to be comfortable in your tub. Luckily, there are a vast variety of bathtubs on the market. Freestanding tubs have become very popular, bathtub/shower combos still remain practical, and ADA walk-in tubs offer safety in stylish designs. When deciding which tub is right for you, I suggest you go sit in them.

I often get a perplexed look from my clients when I take them shopping for bathtubs and ask them to dress comfortably. I suggest this not only because we may be walking through many bath shops and the day can get long; but because I plan to have them “try” the tubs on: getting in and out of several styles, shapes and bathtub sizes.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom update and your lifestyle:

            1.  Does it fit the space?

            2.  Does it fit your style?

            3.  Does it fit YOU?


These stylish tubs have become quite popular; they are beautiful, come in an array of shapes and sizes, and are available in a variety of materials. Because they are not confined to the walls, they are also easy to design our spaces around. Some are quite grande, however.

  If you are considering a freestanding tub, I encourage you to spend some time trying them on. Make sure you can get in and out easily (they can be very deep).  You will also want to be sure you aren’t going to be sliding down. Many are egg-shaped and the slopes can be a bit steep. They can be roomy and are a great option for a tub-for-two.  They also make perfect soaking tubs if you are in the market for one of those. There are many shapes, colors and sizes to choose from, so keep in mind a mid-to-smaller size just might fit you perfectly.