How to Prevent Slips and Falls in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home, with bathroom slips and falls being one of the main dangers. There are ways to prevent those dangers from befalling your family. To avoid slips, trips, and falls, consider these tips:

Preventing Bathroom Slips & Falls

Adhesive Bathmats

Bathroom Slips Can Be Caused By The Wrong Mat
Make sure you pick a bath mat that is safe.. and Cute!

A bathmat’s curling edges, loose loops of thread, or slippery backs can cause trips and falls. To ensure your bathmat is safe, invest in one with an adhesive back that won’t slide when stepped on. If you’re in love with your current bathmat, try adding Velcro to the underside of the mat so that it attaches to the floor and better stays in place.

Installing nonslip strips, mats, and tiles in the base of your tub can also reduce the risk of slipping while showering. Preventing and removing soap scum will also make your shower easier to stand in.

Textured Tile Floors

Hard, slippery floors are one of the highest risk factors in a bathroom. But textured tile can help reduce the risk of slips. Those textured tiles provide more grip for wet feet.

Grab Bars

Shower curtains and doors aren’t made to support human weight, and consequently, aren’t adequate to prevent slips and falls. Instead, install grab bars around slippery areas, such as around the shower, inside the shower, near shower benches, and near the toilet so that sitting, standing, or stepping over the rim of a tub, your family can stay safe.

Low Thresholds

A slight misjudgment of just where the side of that tub is can lead to a severe fall. Low threshold showers make great alternatives to shower/tub combinations. Or, consider the benefits of a walk-in tub.

Thresholds are also found between the bathroom and adjacent rooms, particularly when the floors are a different height. If your current threshold threatens to trip you or your loved ones, consider these alternative bathroom saddle materials.

Need to add Safety Features in Your Bathroom Remodel?

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