How to Pick the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans have a multitude of benefits, including extending the life of your bathroom. Whether you’re selecting your first bathroom exhaust fan, or replacing one that’s broken down, you’ll want to consider the following:

How Powerful Should Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan Be?

Exhaust fans use CFM or cubic feet per minute as an indicator of how much suction power the fan has. Take into account the size of your bathroom in cubic feet. You’ll want to find a fan that has a CFM of at least a matching size, otherwise, the fan won’t be powerful enough to remove moisture and odors from your entire bathroom.

CFM can be as small as 50 or as large as 1,000-plus. On average, a bathroom requires a fan of 200 CFM. As you browse, you can find the CFM on the outside of the box.

How Loud Should Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan Be?

Another factor to consider with your bathroom exhaust fan is how loud you’d like it to be, a factor called sone. If your sone is too low, it won’t muffle potentially embarrassing noises. Too high, and you’ll get a headache every time you flip that switch. For most bathrooms, aim for a sone of 1 or 2.

Keep in mind that the sone will have a direct relationship with the CFM. The more powerful your fan, the more noisy the fan will be. Like the CFM, the sone is located on the outside of the box.

What Types of Exhaust Fans are Available?

There are a wide variety of fan types available, including but not necessarily limited to fans with

  • Lights
  • Night Lights
  • Heating Elements
  • Timers
  • Humidistat (which automatically turns on when humidity levels rise)

All fans can be found in a variety of sizes.

Looking for More Information?

Lowes created this great video that covers the points we’ve mentioned above, as well as instructs how to perform a DIY installation once you’ve found your ideal bathroom exhaust fan.

Need Help?

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