Featured Product” Re-Bath Walnut Vein Natural Stone

You can always expect quality products when remodeling with Re-Bath, and our Walnut Travertine Cut Natural Stone is no exception. So far, we've highlighted a variety of Re-Bath bathtub surrounds, both in our SSP material and our NS (Natural Stone), including our Brushed Linen SSP, French Mocha NS, White Calcutta SSP, and Tahoe Granite SSP. Today, we are featuring our Walnut Travertine Vein Cut Natural Stone.


Durabath Walnut Travertine Vein Cut Natural Stone Bathtub Surrounds

Made with Walnut Travertine, the durabath walnut vein NS is available in large panels so that each bathtub remodel is grout-free, low maintenance, and completely unique. Durabath NS won’t fade or discolor over time.

These panels are naturally mold and mildew resistant without chemical treatments. Additionally, our natural stone is 100% waterproof, and because it is backed with alloy, it is 800% stronger than traditional stone slabs. It’s also 85% lighter than its stone competitors, reducing transportation and installation costs.


Tile Inlay and Windows

Similar to our White Calcutta SSP vignette, you can customize your wall surround with a mosaic tile inlay. The featured inlay, also known as a tile border, or deco-band, is created from glass tile.

For natural lighting in your shower, you can include a window. For more options for the best windows for lighting and privacy, click here.


Shower Heads and Shelving

In this vignette, we feature two shower heads and built in shelving. Having multiple shower heads allows you to feel truly clean and refreshed. Meanwhile, built in shelving means easy access to, and organization for, your favorite bath accessories.


Shower Benches

A variety of shower benches are available when you remodel with Re-Bath. In this vignette, we feature one built directly from the natural stone within the shower. Some benches are placed in close proximity to the shower heads, allowing one to rest while rinsing, shaving, or simply relaxing. Others, like in this featured image, are situated further form the water, giving you a place to store your bath necessities, a change of clothes, robes, or even a comfy pair of slippers so you don’t have to leave the steamy warmth of the shower.


Interested in This Look for Your Remodel?

Want to learn more and find out if Walnut Vein cut NS is right for your upcoming bathroom remodel? Give us a call. We’ll answer your questions and set up your free, on-site consultation.