Featured Product: Re-Bath Brushed Linen Durabath

Planning a bathroom remodel this year? You’ll want to check out the latest designs and bathtub wall systems from Re-Bath. Today we are highlighting our Brushed Linen Durabath SSP.


Planning a bathroom remodel this year? You’ll want to check out the latest designs and bathtub wall systems from Re-Bath. Today we are highlighting our Brushed Linen Durabath SSP.

Durabath Brushed Linen SSP Wall System

This bathtub wall system is made from Durabath SSP material. Grout free, and resistant to mold, Durabath SSP ensures your bathroom will stay clean and beautiful while preventing your walls from warping. Additionally, these wall systems are custom manufactured for your individual bath, meaning a perfect fit every time.


 Visual Space

Need to add more visual space to your bathroom? Our Brushed Linen SSP is a great option. Not only do the pale tones better reflect light in the bathroom, visually increasing space, but the vertical lines increase the visual height of your bathroom, adding an additional element of space. Get an elegant, refined look in your remodel with Brushed Lienen SSP.

Walk-in Tubs

You can install the brushed Linen with any type of bath or shower remodel. In this Vignette, we highlight our walk-in tubs.

Walk-in tubs have a variety of advantages over regular tubs, including health benefits.



We offer a variety of walk-in tub types. Explore our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tub types to find the perfect walk-in tub to fit your needs. Get air jets, water jets, or no jets. All of our walk in tubs are ADA compliant with an outward swinging door, industry-leading quiet water pump, and safety features.


Safety Features

Bathe with ease and comfort with a walk in tub. The non-slip surface makes entering and exiting the tub easy and safe. Each tub includes two grab bars to ensure sitting and standing is comfortable and easy.


Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in installing Brushed Linen SSP in your upcoming bathroom remodel, contact us, and we’ll schedule your free on-site consultation today.