5 Features for a Relaxing Shower

"Bathroom" is a synonym with "restroom" for a reason. Whether unwinding after a long day at work, preparing for the day, or taking a break from a social gathering, the bathroom is a place for people to refresh, get rested, and feel rejuvenated. Long bubble baths are a common way to de-stress after a hard day, but they aren't your only solution. You can also make a relaxing shower by installing certain features.

Features That Make For A Relaxing Shower

Shower Shelving

Visual clutter automatically makes any space feel more stressful. If you’ve got bottles of shampoos, soaps and conditioners fighting for space along the rim of your tub, and falling over each time you reach for something, easily cut back on your stress by getting organized. In shower shelving can provide plenty of space for a family’s multi-product needs. Meanwhile, store unused or unopened products under the sink, in a linen closet, or by using one of these shelving options.



What better way to make a shower more relaxing than by listening to your favorite tunes? You can install a water-proof speaker in your bathroom. This will allow you to easily listen to your favorite music without creating dangerous electrical hazards.

Multiple Shower Heads

A solid stream of water is refreshing. You can unwind further with additional shower heads. Hand held sprayers can provide a soothing massage, relaxing tight muscles.


Is your current shower too dark or too bright? Getting in-shower lighting means a soft, soothing light that gently illuminates the products you need without blinding you. Having the right shower lighting can make your shower more relaxing.


Sit back and relax on a shower bench. Shower benches are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes. These include wooden benches, to stone and more. It just depends on your personal style.


Need New Features To Build a Relaxing Shower?

If you’re planning a shower remodel, and want to turn your shower into a paradise, contact us today. We can set up your free, on-site consultation. We will recommend the shower that’s best for your space, budget, and personal tastes.