10 Questions to Ask when Designing your Shower

Shower design is important. A poorly designed shower can turn a relaxing rinse into a stressful fight with technology. When designing your shower, make sure to plan ahead, and ask yourself the following questions.

Shower Design Questions

What Type of Shower Head Do I Want?

Not only does this mean what design and finish, this also includes considering how intense you’d like the water stream to be. And, there’s always the question of, is one shower head really enough for the shower design you’re creating? Maybe an adjustable shower head on the side, or crisscrossing water-jets, or even a refreshing stream from the ceiling can turn your shower into a sauna.

Do I Want a Shower Door or Curtain?

Most showers use a door or shower curtain and curtain liner to keep water from spilling into the rest of the bathroom. There’s plenty to consider when deciding if a shower door or curtain is best for your shower design, including lighting, ease of access, and safety. Learn more about which is best for you and your family here.

What Type of Lighting Do I Need in My Shower?

If you have a large bathroom, it’s more likely than not that you’ll need in-shower lighting. But the type of lighting you use is a matter of preference. Will you use the natural light of an in-shower privacy window? Or would you prefer the consistency and control of artificial light? If you prefer the later, make sure you invest in water-safe lighting.

If you have a smaller shower, it’s possible that in shower lighting isn’t possible. Instead, consider a glass shower door. Not only does this open up the visual space of a small bathroom, but it also lets in plenty of light without the extra electrical hassle.

How Much Space Do I Need in My Shower?

A cramped shower won’t help anyone relax. Make sure when designing your shower that your growing family has enough space both vertically and horizontally to stand up straight and stretch out.

How Much Shelving Should I Include?

If you’ve got a large family with all sorts of different shampoos and bath toys, you may want to include in-shower shelving as a storage option. Looking for other great ideas to keep your children’s toys cleaned and organized. Try these.

Do I Want a Shower Bench?

If you’ve got a large shower with plenty of space, a shower bench can be a great place to relax and unwind while using that handheld showerhead, keeping clean, or simply basking in the steamy heat of the shower.

Do I Want a Tub Combination in My Shower?

Bathtubs and showers can be separate or combined, and what you choose will mostly depend on space limitations and personal preference.

Should I Include Grab Bars?

If you have elderly staying in your home, the addition of a couple grab bars can make a shower much safer in the event of a slip, as well as make it easier to stand. It doesn’t hurt to give little ones something to hold onto either.

What Material Should I Use?

There are many different types of materials available for your shower wall panels, flooring, and ceiling panels. Consider which materials you like the most, and which best fit your budget. Like the look of natural stone, but need a more affordable alternative? Try our Durabath SSP material.

Get Started

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