White Calcutta Durabath SSP Bathtub Wall Surround

Planning a bathroom remodel this year? You’ll want to check out the latest designs and bathtub wall system from Re-Bath. Today we are highlighting the White Calcutta SSP vignette.

White Calcutta Durabath Bathtub Wall Surround

Re-Bath’s White Calcutta shower and bathtub wall systems are made from Durabath SSP material. Grout free, and resistant to mold, Durabath SSP ensures your bathroom will stay clean and beautiful. These wall systems are custom manufactured for your individual bath.

The Benefits of White

White is one of the most popular bathroom design colors because of its versatility. Able to match a variety of styles and personalities, it can be adapted to any individual’s taste. Additionally, it can provide a higher resale value for a home.

Special Features

In this vignette, we feature a low threshold shower particularly ideal for the elderly or those planning to age with grace in their homes. Low thresholds reduce the likelihood of tripping, and make exiting and entering the shower easy and safe.

The featured built-in shelf allows easy access to bathroom accessories, keeping your shower tidy and clean.



You’ll notice in both sink backsplash and shower the mosaic tile inlay. The featured inlay, also known as a tile border, or deco-band, is created from glass tile, adding depth and personality to the bathroom while still maintaining an elegant theme. To learn more about the benefits of each type of tile, click here.


Get Started With Our Bathtub Wall System

Interested in using White Calcutta SSP wall system colors in your bathroom remodel, or installing some of the features shown above, like the White Calcutta wall system? Contact us to get started.