The Best Bathroom Scents for Spring

Spring is in the air and your bathroom should smell like it! Air fresheners, candles, soaps, and essential oils can all give your bathroom the desired feeling and smell you want. The question is: how do you decide what the best bathroom scents to feature in your bathroom are? Well, there are a few secrets to picking the perfect scent and we want to share them with you.

Masking bathroom odors can be a difficult task. Before picking any scent at the store, it is important to recognize the size of the bathroom you are fixing up. Most bathrooms are small so picking light and delicate scents can go a long way. Larger bathrooms can feature stronger scented candles, but even large bathrooms can become overwhelmed by scents.

Best Bathroom Scents for You

Nature Bathroom Scents

With the right scent, a bathroom can be transformed from a dingy watering hole to a peaceful escape. Evening rain and freshly bloomed flower scents are making an appearance in stores. Each of these scents can deliver different aromas and feelings, so understanding what each can do is a step in the right direction.

The thought of rain dropping to the ground or hitting your bedroom is soothing in itself. Imagine having the scent without having the rain storm. Rain scented candles, air fresheners, soaps and essential oils all provide a refreshing and calming scent. Most rain scented items feature a citrus, warm cedar and/or watery tone. Rain would be a good scent for your bathroom if you enjoy relaxing in a bubble bath after work or simply like a crisp and clean smell.


Floral Bathroom Scents

While rain scents are popular, flowery scents are more in demand. There are so many different light flowery scents and each can deliver a unique experience.

The edgy combination of fresh mint, sweet jasmine and freesia are stimulating to the senses while citrus orange, green tea, peach and sandalwood are energizing scents. Lush florals and gala apples are sweeter scents and wild lemongrass and green pear are more colorful and exciting scents.

Can’t Cover Odors?

The best bathroom scents for Spring 2016 are centered upon rainy and flowery scents, so picking anything in between the two is the best start to freshen up your bathroom. If these scents don’t work or the heavy bathroom odors persist despite attempts to rid your bathroom of bad odors, you may be facing faulty pipes, water damage or even mold. Call us for a free consultation to see if a bathroom remodel would be right for you.