Designing a Universal Bathroom

Whether you have a big family, or a lot of friends, odds are, people of all different sizes will visit your bathroom on any given day. More importantly, if your family unit includes children, the elderly, or someone with a physical disability, you'll need a bathroom that can meet various needs. If you need to design a universal bathroom for your next bathroom remodel, be sure to consider the following.

Universal Bathroom Colors

Bathrooms with white walls and white appliances are sleek and beautiful. However, they are not ideal for a universal bathroom. Why? For small kids with burgeoning depth perception, as well as weak-eyed elderly, the lack of contrast means edges and perimeters can visually blend together, leading to bumped shins and elbows. To make your bathroom easier to get around, use high color contrast, such as a dark wooden vanity against a white wall. In particular, make sure shower curbs or door saddles, are easily visible.

Universal Bathroom Lighting

In addition to colors, lighting can create powerful visual cues that make a bathroom easier to navigate. Rope lights under the vanity beautifully mark perimeters. Also consider the water safe options of lighting for the area around the tub or sink.

Great lighting in the bathroom is also necessary for visibility. By installing scone lights on either side of the mirror, instead of directly above, you can cut back on harsh shadows, making the light shine evenly across a face when looking into a mirror. This allows for easier task lighting, such as makeup application, shaving, or helping little kids wash their faces. Be sure to consider the type of lightbulbs you select for best results!

Univerasal Bathroom Vanity

And speaking of those little kids, are they having a difficult time reaching that sink? Having a vanity with a slot (or even a slide out drawer) that can hide a step stool can help little ones reach those high places. Also consider the benefits of a sit down vanity. That extra leg room can really benefit someone in a wheelchair.

Universal Bathroom Faucets

Do you, or someone in your family, suffer from arthritis? Or, in contrast, do you have children or grandchildren visiting often? Knob faucets can be difficult to grasp and twist. Consider instead a lever faucet that easily allows anyone to quickly access water of any temperature.

Universal Bathroom Toilet

While tall toilets can prove very beneficial to elderly and adults, young children can find the height difficult to maneuver. Though it may provide a little discomfort for adults, installing a standard sized toilet in your bathroom will ensure that the most necessary item in the house is easily accessible by everyone.

Universal Bathroom Showers and Tubs

Showers, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes. Carefully consider the solution that will be best for your family out of the following:

  • A standard tub and shower – This combo means all the basic cleaning needs can be met, from bubble baths for the little ones, to a shower for adults.
  • A walk-in tub – Walk-in tubs provide for a relaxing bathing experience for the elderly who may have difficultly safely stepping over the sides of a standard tub.
  • Low-threshold shower – If you find yourself in need for a shower accessible to all, consider a low-threshold or even no-threshold shower that illuminates tripping hazards. Including a shower bench in a stand-alone shower can provide easier access to bathing, scrubbing, and shaving. Additionally, an adjustable shower head makes staying clean easy and relaxing.

Regardless of your choice in bathtub, shower, or some combination of the two, be sure that the area is well lit, allowing eyes of all ages to easily identify curbs, shelves, nozzles, and more. Invest in lighting that is approved for the shower area.


Universal Bathroom Flooring

Lastly, when considering a floor, select a nonslip or textured surfaces that reduces the risk of slips and falls. Everyone, no matter their age, will appreciate a safe surface to walk on after a shower or bath.

When Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

The average bathroom lasts for about 10 years before appliances begin to deteriorate, break, or otherwise become outdated. Is it time for you to remodel your bathroom, and you want to include some of the above elements, but aren’t sure how? Contact us today to set up your free consultation.