Bathroom Shelving Options

In every bathroom, storage space is one of the most important considerations of a remodel. This is where bathroom shelving comes into play. In order to keep your bathroom beautiful and comfortable, it's wise to calculate how much storage you'll need and design your bathroom appropriately.

Many bathrooms rely on the vanity for storage options. Some bathrooms are too small for a large vanity, or the owner wishes the vanity to be designed in a minimalist way. If this is the case, it may be necessary to turn to alternate forms of storage: bathroom shelving options.

Shelves are a wonderful storage option. They use vertical space, leaving the floor and counters clutter free. Consider the following possibilities:

Free Standing Bathroom Shelving

At first glance, a traditional standing shelving unit can appear to take up too much floor space. However, if positioned correctly, you can actually actively use space that’s currently wasted. Consider a shelving unit to fit above your toilet. This provides you with quick access to extra accessories such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and soap. Or, if you’ve got an empty corner in your bathroom that holds only dust, inserting a corner shelf holding extra bottles of perfumes, lotions, and colognes can make your bathroom elegant, beautiful, and efficient.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelving

Wall mounted shelves come in a wide range of styles and types. From the traditional wooden shelves, to decorative basket shelves, to shelving alcoves built directly into your wall like in this Re-Bath remodel.

Consider the benefits of installing shelves above the toilet, towel rack, and even above the bathroom door!

Additionally, the type of shelves you choose can be used to add a decorative element to your bathroom. This helps give it personality. Have fun with your shelving!


Bathroom Shelving For Vanities

Have a small vanity and mirror? Consider installing a shelving unit above the vanity that surrounds the mirror. This can provide extra storage solutions for an otherwise small or overcrowded vanity.

Shower Shelves

Running out of space in your shower? When you remodel with Re-Bath, we can install shower cubbies and shelves directly in your shower.  This way you can easily store and access your favorite accessories without overcrowding the rim of your tub.


Linen Closet

Has worst comes to worst, and despite clever storage solutions, your tiny bathroom is still overcrowded with accessories?  It may be necessary to store extra accessories in a nearby linen closet. Linen closet cluttered as well? Learn how to organize a linen closet in 8 easy steps!

Do you need more space in your bathroom?

If you’ve outgrown the storage in your bathroom, it’s time for a remodel. Contact us today for a free consultation, We’ll help you create a functional bathroom that meets your storage needs.