Why Everyone Wants a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

These days, having a bathroom exhaust fan is required by building code in a multitude of places, but if your house was built before the 1960's, they weren't routinely installed. However, did you know you can extend the life of your bathroom by installing a bathroom exhaust fan?

Ways A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Helps You

Reduce Mold

By nature, the bathroom has a wet environment, from humid showers, to spilled tap water. This environment presents an ideal habitat for mold to grow on walls, shower curtains, and even ceramic fixtures. Nobody likes the look or smell of mildew. Keep mold at bay by running a bathroom exhaust fan for thirty minutes after every shower. It will cool down the humidity, and reduce the moisture levels in the air, presenting less opportunity for mold to grow. Have problems with mold in your bathroom? Check here for additional solutions.

Less Rust

Ever noticed how metal accessories and even some appliances start to gather rust when stored in the bathroom? Once again, the humid environment is at fault. By using a bathroom exhaust fan to clear the moisture from the air, those appliances will have less contact with deteriorating moisture in the air.

Longer Lasting Paint

That moisture in the air can also effect more permanent features of the bathroom, such as paint. Particularly around the tub where paint, when overexposed to moisture, can warp and bubble.  A simple bathroom exhaust fan can stop this. You can save money on having to repaint your bathroom and keep your paint looking like new long term by using that bathroom exhaust fan to dry the air. Do you have a fan installed and you’re still having problems with bubbly paint around the tub? Be sure you’re using the right paint finish for the bathroom, or consider investing in some wainscoting.

Sound Barrier

If you have a bathroom located near an often used public area or the interior room of a home, a humming fan can muffle potentially embarrassing noises. The sone level of the fan you choose will determine how quiet or loud your fan is.

Freshen Air

Last but not least, ventilation is a necessity in the bathroom, particularly if you have a downstairs or interior powder room that doesn’t have a convenient window to crack open. Save guests and family from potential embarrassment by eliminating bathroom odors.

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