Best Bathroom Plants & How to Care for Them

Plants can make a beautiful addition anywhere in the home, but in particular, bathroom plants create an ambiance of fresh, clean, air with their green foliage and colorful blossoms.

The bathroom may seem like an unusual place to store a plant. After all, bathroom are often dark due to small or frosted windows. That’s not exactly the ideal environment for sun-loving leafy greens. Or is it?

All plants need light to live, but some need less than others. There are even some species that can live off of fluorescent lights, which produce the same light wavelengths as the sun.

Below, we’ve listed ten low light plants that love the humid, moist bathroom environment.

Best Bathroom Plants

Aloe Vera

Though not the prettiest plant, Aloe Vera is incredibly useful because the plant’s gel has healing properties. After washing a cut or burn, slice open one of the thick leaves, and apply the gooey gel to your injury for a soothing, natural ointment.

As a bonus, this little succulent is easy to care for, making it a great choice for bathroom plants. To keep it vibrant and healthy, set it in a windowsill and water on occasion. If you find your Aloe turning brown, move it to a cooler location that receives less direct sun.

Cast Iron Plant

Looking for a hardy bathroom plant that can handle any level of gardener? The Cast Iron Plant, also known as Aspidistra, tolerates neglect, over-watering, and a wide variety of temperatures. To keep the plant healthy, let the soil dry between each watering.


A variety of ferns can thrive well in the bathroom, including Boston, Asparagus, Staghorn, and Bird’s Nest. Due to the fern’s natural habitat as undergrowth in humid tropical forests, the low-light, moist, warm bathroom environment is ideal for them.


Orchids are a beautiful plant that can add a splash of color to your bathroom. However, some people find the Orchid difficult to maintain. For best results, set in a windowsill lit by indirect light, and water with a couple ice cubes every other day.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilys love indirect sunlight and moist (not drenched!) soil. They require little maintenance and add beauty to the bathroom. These larger plants look lovely in a decorative pot or basket placed on a shelf or the floor.


This leafy plant is very adaptable to a variety of conditions, but prefers indirect light, and regular watering. If you find your Philodendron leaves regularly wilting and turning yellow, your plant is getting too much light. Contrarily, if stems become long and spindly with wide spaced leaves, give it more sunlight.


Though often confused with Philodendron, the Pothos is a different, smaller plant that looks particularly elegant in hanging baskets where its long trailing vines can elegantly drape. Easy to care for, especially for a beginner, Pothos, can grow entirely in water with no soil. Or, if potted, the plant can handle small periods of dry soil between watering.

Be aware that Pothos is toxic if ingested. This plant is not recommended for households with curious children or pets.


Bamboo, whether straight or spiraling, adds a beautiful and elegant feeling to any room, but because they require only water and indirect sunlight to survive, they are well suited as bathroom plants. Because they don’t need soil, you can place them in any number of decorative vases, though a clear one is best so you can keep an eye on the water levels. Additionally, clear vases allow for additional decorations, such as a base of pebbles or glass stones.

Snake Plant

Also known as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” and “Sansevieria”, the Snake Plant requires little to thrive. In addition, it is adept at purifying the air, particularly formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, toilet papers, and tissues. This larger plant looks great in a large, decorative pot, placed on the floor near a light source.

Spider Plant

Like the Snake Plant, the Spider Plant is adept at cleaning formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Set this grassy little plant in a windowsill and water twice a week.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculas zamiifolia, is probably the easiest plant to care for, and is often mistaken for a fake plant because they require so little light. ZZ Plants can even survive on only fluorescent lights in a windowless bathroom. If you are a forgetful gardener, this plant is perfect for you, as the ZZ actually perform best when left alone and watered only on occasion.