Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions

Bathroom remodels should create a space that is beautiful, relaxing and useful. One way to ensure all three is by investing in a vanity with plenty of bathroom vanity storage space.

When a bathroom does not have enough storage space, it leads to visual clutter and frustration. Though there are many options for bathroom storage, from shelving units to linen closets, the vanity provides one of the best storage solutions since most accessories are used in tandem with either the bathroom mirror or sink. Cut back on future stress by selecting your vanity with its storage capabilities in mind.

Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions

There are many types of vanities, and not everyone needs the same amount of storage. When planning your vanity area, keep the following storage options in mind.

Drawers and Doors

Most commonly, vanity storage comes in the form of drawers and doors directly beneath the vanity. Getting creative with these drawers by using interior shelves or door-mounted organizers can create additional space within the vanity.

Need more drawers on your vanity? Read on.

Sink Situation

Sinks and their plumbing take up a lot of space in the bathroom vanity, but knowing the best location for your sink can provide additional bathroom vanity storage space. Small vanities are best served by offsetting the sink to create room for drawers on the opposite side, while large vanities with one centered sink means space for drawers on either side.

Two sinks can be useful if multiple people need to get ready in the morning, but keep in mind that double the sinks means double the plumbing and less storage space. If you like the look of small or double sink vanities, consider using a vessel sink that sits above the counter, allowing for more storage room within.

Medicine Cabinet

Looking for additional storage space around those small vanities? Recessed cabinets behind the bathroom mirror allows for easy access to bathroom necessities and can increase your bathroom vanity storage space.

Shelves and Vertical Space

Have a small bathroom mirror (or medicine cabinet) hanging above your wide vanity? Consider using that extra wall space for shelves. Adding vertical storage is a great way to save on space without making the bathroom feel too cluttered, and adjustable shelves means you can change your storage space as your needs change.

Shelving units can either have doors to supply clean, out-of-sight storage, or open shelves for easy access to aesthetic accessories. Open shelves are a great option for a guest bathroom so that guests can avoid the embarrassment of asking where extra toiletries are kept.

Looking for great storage solutions in your bathroom remodel? Have ideas for a custom vanity you’d like to create? Contact us today to set up your free consultation.