Learn about the bathroom resolutions you can make for 2017 to improve your space and upgrade your bathroom. These bathroom resolutions are easy to implement.

Every New Year, many people make resolutions. But have you thought about what bathroom resolutions you can make? The new year is an opportune time to make a new start, or at least cross off a couple of the items that were overlooked on last-year’s bucket list! Let 2017 be the year you bring more health, peace, and safety to your bathroom.


Bathroom Organization

A clean bathroom without dust or visual clutter can create a peaceful atmosphere. Make a New Year’s resolution to keep your bathroom clutter-free and clean. For ways to de-clutter, review what should (and shouldn’t!) be stored in the bathroom. And if your linen closet is getting out of control, find ways to save on space by getting your linen closet organized.

Confidence Boost

There are plenty of resolutions to lose weight or improve physical health, but what about emotional health? The bathroom is where we so often critique our own reflections, which is where this bathroom resolution can help.

Improve your emotional health this upcoming year by posting uplifting reminders to yourself that you are beautiful, capable, and confident. Whether as framed quotes or a handful of sticky notes, flatter rather than criticize your reflection.

And keep in mind, unflattering bathroom lighting can drastically exaggerate shadows under the eyes, as well as wash out the natural tones of your skin. Upgrading your powder room to include flattering bathroom lighting will help you see yourself in the right light – literally!

Treat YourselfBathroom Resolutions

We’re all more than willing to buy more toilet paper and shampoo when we run out, but remember that your bathroom deserves some comfort upgrades as well! New, plush shower towels, or even adding more warmth to your bathroom can turn your home necessity into a personal paradise. Give in to some comfort cravings instead this winter and include treating yourself in your list of bathroom resolutions! Looking for last minute Christmas gifts? Try these fun and useful bathroom themed presents!

Replace Broken FeaturesBathroom Resolutions

Those little broken features in your bathroom can nag at the back of your mind. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to repair those small flaws. Have broken tiles? A leaky faucet? Drywall holes that need to be patched? Make a little bit of time to prioritize and resolve these pesky issues. You’ll be surprised how doing so will rejuvenate your bathroom!

Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes those small flaws add up to a bunch of big flaws! Has your defunct hardware destroyed your tub? Is mold running rampant through your shower? Re-Bath has overcome these problems and more, and we’re happy to help you as well. It starts with a free, on site consultation where we can provide recommendations, insights, and estimate a budget for your dream bathroom. We’ll answer your questions and provide professional insight and recommendations. Get started on your bathroom resolutions today by requesting your free consultation!