5 Features to Cut Your Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Are you trying to keep your bathroom remodeling cost low? Budgeting is an important part of a bathroom remodel. Keep to your budget while creating the bathroom of your dreams by considering these 5 bathroom features you may be spending too much on.

Features That Keep Bathroom Remodeling Cost Down


A quick way to cut your bathroom remodel cost and save a lot of money during a bathroom remodel is by leaving the plumbing where it is. Instead of moving the tub, sink, or toilet across the room, design with the permanent location of these fixtures in mind. Remember, you can update a sink, toilet, and bathroom without having to move the plumbing.


Lighting is a bathroom necessity, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead of tearing down a wall to add a window or skylight, invest in the right types of lighting fixtures and bulbs to provide clear and flattering bathroom lighting.


Large, framed, hanging mirrors make a bathroom look beautiful, but they can be expensive. Add refinement to your bathroom at a fraction of the cost by putting a DIY frame on a regular, builder-grade mirror. In addition to adding beauty, a frame on the mirror can hide signs of wear.


Tile is a worthwhile investment for the bathroom floor, but it can become expensive when creating sink backsplashes, wall collages, and other artistic flares. If you are having trouble staying in budget, evaluate how much tile is a want vs. a need in your bathroom.


If you have a large bathroom that you’d like to fill with extra shelving units, chairs, or wardrobes, consider visiting garage sales, antique shops, and clearance sections to find tasteful furniture at inexpensive rates. Furniture can be refurbished, repaired, and updated to add personality to a bathroom.

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