Types of Bathroom Chandeliers

Whether you have a large master bathroom that requires a grand fixture to fill lofty ceilings, or you have a small powder room that needs a touch of refinement, bathroom chandeliers may be the right lighting solution for you.

Chandeliers were originally invented in the 15th century as a status symbol of luxury. Today, chandeliers come in many sizes, shapes, and styles, and though they are much more affordable than six hundred years ago, chandeliers continue to represent quality and luxury.

When selecting a chandelier for your bathroom, in addition to these chandelier bathroom safety guidelines, there are three main factors to consider: style, size and shape

Bathroom Chandeliers Size

Size refers to not only the height of the chandelier, but also the width. Because chandeliers are eye-catching by nature, it’s important to install the right size. Too large of a chandelier will make the bathroom fill claustrophobic and overwhelming. Too small, and the chandelier will look awkwardly sparse and out of place.

To find the right size of chandelier for your bathroom, measure two perpendicular walls. This number, added together and then converted into inches, is a good estimate of what diameter your chandelier should have. For example, a room measuring twelve feet by twelve feet would require a chandelier with a diameter of twenty-four inches.

Many people, when selecting a chandelier for their bathroom, will choose from among mini chandeliers. These mini versions of their large companion can come in any of the shapes or styles listed below.

Bathroom Chandeliers Shape

The shape of the chandelier will effect how it visually fills space. Two of the most traditional shapes are:

  • Tiered – Shaped like a teardrop, the amount of tiers in these chandeliers effects how tall the chandelier is. If interested in a tiered chandelier, be sure its height will fit comfortably in your bathroom.
  • Drum – These chandeliers, often shaped like a drum, have one or more lampshades that either surround the entire chandelier or each individual light. Drum chandeliers horizontally fill a space.

Bathroom Chandeliers Style

Finally, when choosing your chandelier, consider the decor of your bathroom. Which one of these chandelier styles matches the other elements of your bathroom?

  • Traditional – Traditional chandeliers are made most distinctive by their ornate details. Often covered in carvings or crystals, these chandeliers are a great statement piece.
  • Modern/Contemporary – These chandeliers have sleek designs and futuristic shapes that make the bathroom feel clean and modern.
  • Transitional – Looking for something in between traditional and contemporary? Transitional chandeliers mix the sleekness of contemporary with the ornate shapes found in traditional.
  • Rustic – Have a nature theme in your bathroom? A rustic chandelier may be the perfect statement piece. These chandeliers are decorated to represent elements found in nature, such as branches, horns and plants.

Need help finding the right size, shape and style of chandelier for your bathroom remodel? Contact us. We’ll help you find beautiful lighting solutions.