Organize A Linen Closet in 8 Easy Steps

How do you know when it's time to organize a linen closet? We've all been there. You open your linen closet and a pile of towels falls out, covering you head to toe. Or even worse, all of your make-up spills everywhere, breaking bottles and more. If your linen closet is an avalanche waiting to happen, or stuffed with so much visual clutter it gives you a headache just looking at it, then it's time to learn how to organize a linen closet in these eight easy steps. Don't worry, it's not a big of a project as it seems, especially if you follow our easy steps outlined below.

1) Decide what’s necessary

Is your linen closet stuffed with threadbare towels and expired lotions? Start getting organized by getting rid of those fabrics you never use, as well as any expired products.

2) Choose your colors

Organizing by color might seem like a whimsical way to cut back on clutter, but having a color theme for your linen closet will actually make it feel and look cohesive. Choose three or so colors. Have too many different colors of towels, medicine bottles and lotions? Step 3 shares an easy solution.

3) Bins, Baskets and Bags

If your collection of nail polish looks garish and takes up space, it’s time to tuck it away where it’s still accessible, but out of sight. Select containers in your color theme of choice. Brown baskets, blue tubs, plastic containers labeled with scrap book paper in your theme of red and yellow strips. Not only will these containers corral visual clutter, it makes anything from your kids medicine to those extra rolls of toilet paper easy to find and pleasantly stylish.

4) Use that Space!

Do you have a ton of vertical space that’s going to waste in your linen closet? It might be time to insert a set of drawers or extra shelves. Using stackable containers can perform the service of steps 3 and 4 at the same time, helping to organize a linen closet even faster. Have more room to store things with less clutter to worry about.

5) And that Unexpected space!

Linen closet still overflowing? It’s time to get creative with that often overlooked space. Hang a shower caddie on the back of the door. Or, alternatively, the back of the door makes a great place to hang that rarely used yet oh-so-necessary ironing board.

6) Make it Accessible

Are you or your kids stuffing items willy-nilly in the closet because reaching the higher shelves where the items actually belong is too much of a hassle? Tuck a step stool under that last shelf. The quick access will make it easier to put items back where they belong and keep your linen closet tidy.

7) Just a Dash of Scent

Keep those extra towels and robes smelling fresh by tucking a box of baking soda at the back of one shelf. Alternatively, use a lavender sachet. The fresh scent will make your linen closet feel cleaner.

8) Keep it Tidy!

Though those fresh scents are a nice addition, they aren’t meant to last long term. Be sure to clean all fabrics in the linen closet every six months to prevent unused fabrics from collecting dust and moths. Tucking a laundry hamper under the last shelf in your linen closet provides a quick laundry reminder for old or used towels.

Did You Organize a Linen Closet and It’s Still Too Cluttered?

Taken all of these steps to organize a linen closet and it’s still too cluttered? It might be time to add more storage space to your bathroom. Need a new vanity, cupboards, or a larger linen closet? Contact us. We’ll help you get your bathroom just the way you need it.