Best Scents to Freshen Up the Bathroom

The bathroom is meant to be a haven where you and your loved ones can prepare to meet the stresses of the day, freshen up before a meal, or unwind in a bubble bath after work. How the bathroom smells definitely effects how relaxing these activities are. Whether you choose to use bathroom scents via candles, air freshers, or essential oils, avoid some common mistakes by using scents that match your purpose.

Bathroom Scents that Refresh

If you are adding scents to your bathroom to ensure it always smells fresh, use soft nature scents such as floral, nature linen, or rain. Citrus, in particular, can make a bathroom feel refreshing because lemon is a common scent of cleaning products. Adding a lemon scent to the bathroom can make it feel cleaner.

Scents that Relax

Taking a shower to ease those tight muscles? Use mint, lavender, or jasmine body washes. These scents help relax muscles, and are a simple, natural way to unwind after a stressful day.

Scents that Mask Unpleasant Smells

Trying  to hide more pungent odors? Don’t make the mistake of trying to hide them with heavy scents. Heavy scents become overwhelming in small bathrooms, and may compound the problem. Instead, use vanilla to mask unpleasant bathroom smells. Vanilla absorbs unpleasant odors, keeping your bathroom refreshing. Additionally, explore these tricks for eliminating bathroom odors.

Remember, covering up unpleasant smells is only a temporary solution. If your bathroom has persistent bad odors from faulty pipes, water damage, or mold, it may be time for a bathroom remodel. Call us today for your free consultation.