Bathroom Mirrors All You Need to Know

Mirror mirror, on the wall, which bathroom mirror is fairest of them all? Mirrors, enchanted or otherwise, can make your bathroom look and feel elegant. Almost magically, mirrors can make a bathroom look bigger, brighter, and even increase storage space.

Frameless Mirrors

These mirrors seem to float effortlessly on the wall. As a bonus, many hardware stores can trim these mirrors to fit exact size specifications. Clean and minimalist, this style of mirror looks great in contemporary bathrooms.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors come in a variety of styles, be it classic, contemporary, elegant, or something else! Find wooden, stainless steal, and more to match any bathroom.

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors are among the most elegant. Cleverly cut, these mirrors have designs etched into the glass, often as a beautiful frame. Use Venetian mirrors in classy bathrooms.

Lighted Mirrors

Bathroom lighting is important. A well lit mirror can make tasks such as applying makeup or shaving each morning, much easier. Lighted mirrors have lights installed along the top or sides of the frame. Keep in mind that these mirrors may require hiring an electrician to ensure the wiring is done correctly.

Pivot Mirrors

Disguised as a simple mirror, pivot mirrors are unique in that they attach to the wall using two hinged pivots, allowing the mirror to tilt up or down. Pivot mirrors look best in classic or modern bathrooms.

Extension Mirrors

Need a little more flexibility in the morning? An extension mirror may be the answer. These smaller mirrors attach to the wall with an accordian mount, allowing them to extend. Use as an accent mirror in a bathroom that sees a lot of traffic, or in a small bathroom that won’t allow for a large mirror.

Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

Either recessed into the wall, or hung just like a cabinet, these mirrors are great for storing anything from medicine, to finger nail polish, to perfumes, and more!. And don’t think these mirrors are reserved solely for the mirror above your sink! Floor length mirrors can also be used to hide extra storage space.

Shadow Box Mirrors

Looking for extra storage that you can beautifully display? These mirrors are lined with shelves so you can easily keep your accessories easily on hand, or on display.

Decorative Mirrors

Not all mirrors need to be for practical use. Consider the following decorative options:

  • Vanity Mirrors– These little mirrors are designed to stand on counter tops. Often double sided,  these little mirrors are great for getting the details just right.
  • Captain’s Mirrors– These round mirrors hang from the wall by a strap. Available in a variety of sizes, use them to add a little ambiance to a modern bathroom.

Need a Hand?

ReBath carries a variety of bathroom mirrors. If you need help deciding which is best for your upcoming bathroom remodel, give us a call. We’ll give you a free on site consultation.