Bathroom Mirror Checklist

Your bathroom mirror is a bathroom necessity. Whether to apply makeup, shave, or quickly refresh. We use mirrors almost unconsciously each day to make sure we are looking our best.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, or otherwise in search of a new mirror, make sure you find your perfect mirror by answering these questions.

How Many Mirrors?

A large bathroom mirror is standard in many bathrooms, but it isn’t the only option. Have two sinks? Perhaps instead of one long mirror, you’ll want two smaller ones. And what about accent mirrors for decoration on the walls? Additional, small mirrors can help brighten the bathroom.

What Shape Bathroom Mirror?

Once you know how many mirrors you’re looking for, it’s time to decide what shape works best for your bathroom. Rectangular mirrors give you the most viewing space and flexibility, while oval or framed mirrors add ambiance. Many decorative mirrors have a unique cut and shape that can provide beautiful accents to the bathroom. Learn more about the different types of bathroom mirror here.

How Big?

Once you know how many mirrors you need, and what shape you’d like them in, it’s time to decide what size you’ll need. Measure your bathroom wall to get exact measurements and avoid the tragedy of purchasing a mirror that’s just a little too big to fit your wall space.

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