Bathroom Chandelier Guidelines

Chandeliers add ambiance to any room, but in particular the bathroom. However, when choosing a bathroom chandelier, be sure to consider these important factors for bathroom safety.

Bathroom Chandelier Placement

Code requires that the bottom of a chandelier (including dangling crystals) be at least eight feet above the highest point of the bathtub. This safety zone includes three feet surrounding the rim to ensure that there is no risk of a person accidentally grabbing the light fixture while standing in a wet tub.

Don’t have a high enough ceiling? Though many people prefer to place a chandelier directly over the bath tub, a small chandelier makes a great accent piece for the center of the room, or above the vanity.

Bathroom Chandelier Quality

Because of the bathroom’s unique damp environment, it’s imperative to invest in a chandelier that is U.L.-rated for wet or damp locations. Be sure the fixture has tight construction that won’t gather condensation in hazardous places.

Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Guidelines

Bathroom Chandeliers are meant to add mood lighting, not act as the sole light source for an entire room. Be sure that your bathroom is well lit from additional light sources.

Be considerate when selecting the type of bulbs for your chandelier. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a bath with the glare of a bright bulb hitting your face. In each chandelier you examine, consider which direction the light will be pointed, and whether or not the bulbs are concealed or exposed.

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