Find the Shower Rod that Fits your Bathtub

If you've found your perfect bathtub it's time to find a shower rod that fits well in your bathroom.

If you’ve found your perfect bathtub it’s time to find a shower rod that fits well in your bathroom.

Shower rods are available in many different metals and finishes, but also in a variety of shapes…

Straight Rods

Use a straight rod for bathtubs surrounded by wall on three sides. Straight rods are installed on two parallel walls, and most are mounted with tension, meaning no drilling is necessary, and you can adjust your rod to meet the height needs of you, your shower, and your shower curtain.

Curved Rods

Looking for a little bit more space in your shower? Curved rods, like straight rods, are mounted against two parallel walls and are best for bathtubs surrounded by walls on three sides. However, unlike a straight rod, a curved rod extends beyond the rim of your bathtub, providing a couple extra inches of space in your shower. Make sure that your curtain won’t leak by investing in the right shower curtain liner. Keep in mind, curved rods often need to be installed. Take proper measurements to make sure you install yours at the correct height.


Have a bathtub surrounded by two walls tucked in a corner? You’ll want an L-shaped curtain rod. These rods, shaped like an “L” are essential if your bathtub is tucked in a corner and only surrounded by two walls. Recommended: Install with the aid of ceiling supports.

Circular or Oval

Have a free standing bathtub as an accent piece in your bathroom? That doesn’t mean you have to be without a shower curtain. Surround your classic claw-foot tub with a curtain by using a circular or oval shower rod. These are mounted from the ceiling, and completely circle your tub.


Keep in mind that shower rods are not meant to support a person’s weight. Never hang on shower rods or use shower curtains for support. If you or a loved one need support getting in and out of your bathtub, it may be time to invest in safety handrails, a walk-in shower, or a walk-in tub. Call us today to set up your free consultation.