You've invested a lot of time finding the perfect shower curtain, liner, and shower rod. Now it's time for the finishing touch: finding the best way to hang your shower curtain.

Consider the following options to hang your perfect shower curtain:


Shower rings poke through the curtain holes, encircle the rod, and clip back together with either a snap or a twist. Rings are available in a variety of materials to meet your budget and needs. Plastic rings are most cost affordable, while metal rings are sleek and elegant. Consider using different rings to hang both your shower curtain and liner. For rings that slide with ease, try power glides (also called ring rollers). These teardrop-shaped metal rings have attached ball bearings (or rollers) on the top, allowing them to easily slide along the shower rod.


Hooks are generally shaped like an “S” or a “?”. Like shower rod rings, hooks are available in a variety of materials and finishes, including the power glides. Unlike rings, however, hooks are often decorated with an accent on the end that pokes out of the shower curtain, giving you a chance to add a touch of decoration to your bathroom. Hooks are best used on the shower curtain (as opposed to the liner) where the decoration can be seen.

Double Sided Hooks

Looking for a cost effective way to hang both your shower curtain and your shower liner? Consider double sided hooks. These asymmetrical hooks sit on top of your shower rod, and curve down like a lopsided W on either side, allowing you to hang the liner on the inside of the tub, and the curtain on the outside using the same hooks.

Hookless Curtain

Haven’t bought your curtain yet and aren’t interested in rollers or hooks? Consider the benefits of investing in a hookless curtain. Hookless curtains don’t have holes for rings or hooks. Instead they are…

  • Threaded – Designed with a hole that threads down the length of the shower rod, these curtains ensure that your curtain will go on and stay on.
  • Velcro – A simple solution for taking on and off without any hassle, allowing for quick and easy washes.
  • Ties – Fashionable and fun, a tied shower curtain is sure to add flare to the bathroom. Be sure, however, that the ties are firm so that they don’t come loose at an inconvenient moment.


  • Slide is Best – Whichever method you select to hang your curtains, you’ll want to make sure that the material easily slides along the shower rod when dry or wet. Curtains or rollers that bunch or snag on the rod can tear the curtain, or even cause trips and falls, creating a safety hazard.
  • Set of 12 – If you invest in rollers or rings, be sure to check the amount in the package. Shower curtains commonly come with twelve holes, but not all ring or roller packages include 12 in their bundle.

Or, if you are tired of shower curtains and instead want to install a glass shower door, contact us. We’ll help you get started with a free consultation.