6 Tricks for Making Small Bathrooms Appear Larger

Bathrooms don't have to be big to be luxurious. However, no bathroom should feel small, dark, cramped, or otherwise threatening. The bathroom should be a haven for you to relax and refresh.

Brighten and enlarge your small bathroom with these visual tricks:

White on White

White is a clean and bright color that reflects plenty of light, automatically opening any space. Using white on white in your small bathroom will give it breathing room.

Need a splash of color in there? Decorate with towels, vases of flowers, or other fun color pops. If you really want some color on those walls, paint the one behind the vanity mirror. Why? Leaving the wall across from the mirror white will ensure that the mirror has plenty of light to reflect.


Speaking of mirrors, having multiple mirrors in your bathroom can visually increase the size of the space. Try a larger mirror over the vanity, or several mirrors. A full length mirror can add depth to an otherwise small bathroom.


Besides providing ventilation that keeps your bathroom fresh, windows allow plenty of light to enter your bathroom. Frosted windows mean you can maintain privacy without eliminating the light.

Glass Shower Doors

Nothing will open the space in your bathroom like a walk in shower with clear glass shower doors. The extra visual space otherwise hidden by a curtain or bathtub can make the room feel larger.

Minimalist Furniture

Open additional space in your bathroom by exchanging large, bulky vanities with small vanities or even a pedestal sink. Floating furniture, in particular, opens up clean floor space that makes the bathroom feel comfortable and uncluttered.

Large Tiles

Though it may seem more logical to use small tiles in a small bathroom, small tiles mean a multitude of grout lines that will clutter the floor and walls, making your bathroom feel overwhelming and cramped. Using large tiles on the floor, shower, and as wainscoting, can make your bathroom feel larger.

Need a Hand?

Not sure what sort of vanity is best for your bathroom? Need help finding and installing the right tile? Maybe it’s time for a bathtub replacement? We’ll help you find the perfect solutions for your bathroom with a free consultation.