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10+ Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Company

In addition to improving the comfort and aesthetic of your bathroom, a remodel is also a major investment in your home. If you want a fabulous remodel that increases the value of your home, done in a timely manner, it’s important to carefully vet the company you choose for the job. If you hire the wrong company, your project can go from magical transformation to major headache pretty quickly. Here’s a handy list of essential questions to ask before hiring a bathroom remodeling company.

Question #1: How long have you been in business?

Nothing against industry newcomers, but the longer a bathroom remodeling company has been around, the more likely they are to know what they’re doing. This means having expert staff members, established procedures, and an online presence so that a quick search will provide plenty of information about the history of the company. Re-Bath was founded in 1978. Learn more about our history here.

Question #2: May I see some examples of your past remodeling work?

In addition to doing some Internet research about the company’s past, you should also directly ask them to show you before/after photos of projects. A reputable company ought to take pride in their work, and will likely have some materials ready to showcase the bathrooms they’ve worked on.

Question #3: Do you have references?

A trustworthy company should have a list of reference contacts on hand so that you can speak directly with their former clients. If you choose to reach out, ask them what their experience with the company was like, and what the most positive and negative aspects of the process were.

Question #4: How much will it cost?

While many companies might give you a “range” for the expected cost of your remodel, honest companies will give you an exact quote. That means the rate is locked in so you’re guaranteed to stay within your budget.

Question #5 What types of warranties do you offer?

Warranties help to ensure your satisfaction and long-term maintenance of your bathroom. Reputable remodeling companies will offer warranties on both the products they install and the services they offer. Re-Bath offers one-year warranty coverage on workmanship and installation of your bathroom remodeling project, as well as warranties on specific products. Click here for a complete list.

Question #6: Are you licensed?

Thirty-five out of 50 states have some sort of contractor licensing system, and each has its own set of rules. In states where they’re available, reputable contractors will carry a copy of their license along with a printed record of any consumer complaints, penalties or fines. While a license isn’t a guarantee that a contractor will do perfect work, it’s a good sign that they’ve done their due diligence.

Question #7: Are you insured?

Making sure that the remodeling company’s workers are insured is crucial. If someone were to damage your house during the remodel and they weren’t insured, you would be on the hook to pay for it. Even if they have a squeaky-clean record leading up to that point, mistakes happen and you should still request proof of comprehensive business liability insurance.

Question #8: Are you bonded?

If a company has bonded workers, it means that they have purchased a surety bond to protect the owners of homes they service. Surety bonds provide a fixed amount of liability protection, so if the workers fail to complete the job for some reason, the bond can provide compensation to you, the property owner.

Question #9: What does the remodeling process look like?

Since the process of any remodel will have an impact on your whole home, don’t be afraid to get specific when asking about how the workers operate. Ask questions like: What time will you start and end each day? Will you clean up all garbage and debris? How will you protect other parts of my home from damage? However, they answer, don’t just take their word for it—be sure to get it in writing.

Question #10: Do you use contractors or in-house employees?

Remodeling companies that use contractors tend to have some issues, primarily because they have to work around each contractor’s schedule. That usually leads to lots of unnecessary down time. In-house employees, on the other hand, all work on the same schedule, meaning they can carry out an entire remodel in as little as a week. Knowing that everyone involved in your remodel adheres to a single mission and structure makes a big difference.

Bonus Round: Tell me about a challenge that came up during a project and how you handled it.

Virtually every remodeling company under the sun has had its fair share of troublesome projects. It’s not unusual for unexpected issues like water damage, bad plumbing or faulty wiring to be discovered during demolition. The question is, how did the remodeling company overcome the obstacle with a creative solution? In their answer, you’re looking to make sure that they were very transparent and communicative with the client so that you can expect the same if something were to go wrong.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, we’d love to have a discussion to see if Re-Bath is right for you. Schedule a free design consultation to ask any questions you may have and to get a glimpse into how we can make your ideal bathroom a reality!