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10 Design Tips for On-Trend Remodeling in 2020

Now that 2020 is officially here, it’s time to declutter your spaces and make room for new style, new ideas and new inspiration!

The previous decade was a study in minimalism. Our lives had become so cluttered with social media feeds and noise, that we longed for simplicity, and we found it in our homes in the form of clean lines and neutral pallets. 2020 brings with it a fresh take on this thinking: a touch of opulence! While we’re excited about the latest design trends, we’re also realistic. How can you incorporate a modern touch or two without going all in on a potential fad? We’ve got some ideas. Let’s refresh! These are some of the hottest trends in bathroom design for 2020 and beyond.

2020 Design Tip #1: Warm it up

Black, white and cool greys have their place, but it’s time to warm up the joint! 2020 calls for the addition of vibrant colors, warmth, texture and personal touches. Choose a modern shade of taupe or an energizing green for the walls, swap out your white sink basin for a blood-orange version, or add floor-to-ceiling window treatments. A soft, warm fabric is the perfect contrast for all those hard bathroom surfaces. Warming up your bathroom not only enhances the aesthetic, but can change the way you feel in it. Check out some of Behr’s 2020 color picks, like Rumba Orange, Red Pepper and Dragonfly, for inspiration!

2020 Design Tip #2: Add an Opulent Accessory

A minimalist bathroom doesn’t require a complete overhaul, unless it’s showing major signs of age (if that’s the case, it may be worth scheduling a free, in-home design consultation, which you can do here). Consider adding a single accessory that can take the design of your space up a notch. Could your lighting use an upgrade? Install a starburst chandelier for a touch of glamour. Does your freestanding tub lack inspiration? Paint the exterior matte black (more on this later). Do your neutral walls color lack personality? Add marbleized wallpaper for a vintage effect.

2020 Design Tip #3: Go Over Their Heads

Why should color stop at the top of the walls? Also known as “the fifth wall,” the ceiling truly is a blank canvas. Painting the bathroom ceiling (matte black, perhaps?) adds dimension and drama to your space. It also works to draw the eye up and add interest. If you’re looking for a dramatic statement that also adds texture and depth, consider covering the ceiling in a tented fabric – we guarantee it’ll instantly increase the glam factor! 

2020 Design Tip #4: Art for the Sake of Art

While we don’t want to add more drama to our lives, a touch of flair can add some unexpected excitement to an otherwise typical space. In 2020, design that incorporates art for the sake of art is definitely on point. There are a few ways to put this trend into action. If it’s time for a tile upgrade, consider replacing white marble or Carrera with something more artistic such as a bold Arabascato porcelain or Paonazzo. Another hot trend that evokes art-exhibit style is exposed shower pipes. Choose a matte black or copper finish for a modern take on industrial-inspired design.

2020 Design Tip #5: The New Metal

The popularity of various metals comes and goes. Stainless steel, brass, and rose gold have all had their moments. We couldn’t be more onboard with the latest metal trend: copper. It has the ability to do more than add a bold statement. Copper warms up your space, accentuates your style and makes a room feel larger and more pulled together. It’s both timeless and trendy, modern and vintage. That means it can work seamlessly with any aesthetic. Upgrade to a statement-making copper tub or sink, or simply add copper fixtures or accessories to create a fresh, elegant look.

2020 Design Tip #6: Fall in Love with Matte

You may have seen matte finishes popping up around you lately – on appliances, countertops, even luxury vehicles driving down the road. Matte finishes have been gaining traction among car enthusiasts and homeowners, alike. In bathroom design, matte finishes can be used on everything from counter tops and cabinets to sinks, bathtubs and walls. It’s perfect for a modern aesthetic, but don’t discount it if you prefer a traditional or rustic style. Matte finishes are popular on everything from vintage-look faucets to farmhouse style sinks. For a quick refresh, swap out your current cabinetry hardware with a matte black version.

2020 Design Tip #7: Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out (or Alone)

2019 ushered in the freestanding tub and it’s only become more popular for 2020. Freestanding tubs combine early 19th century style with spacious, modern influences which allows for maximum style and creativity. Best of all is the perfect combination of form and function in a gorgeous bathroom centerpiece. If a shower is more functional for your lifestyle, though, consider a walk-in version. Tubs aren’t the only element that can stand out. A console-style vanity is the perfect backdrop for a stand-out sink bowl

2020 Design Tip #8: Unplug and Connect

Unplugging seems to be the best way to disconnect from all the, well, connections in our lives, from smart phones to social feeds. The master bathroom is the ideal place to get away; soaking in a tub or unwinding under jets of hot water. So while we might suggest not installing a TV above the tub, we do recognize that some connected devices can make life a little easier and add a level of sophistication at the same time. Think smart bathroom products such as smart toilets with auto-heat and self-clean seats, towel-warming drawers, and smart showers that control temps and conserve water.

2020 Design Tip #9: When in Doubt, Be Timeless

Stylish certainly doesn’t have to mean trendy (and vice versa!). The best way to ensure your bathroom’s aesthetic won’t be outdated as quickly as an Instagram post is to use materials and color combinations that have stood the test of time. Not sure that Paonazzo tile you had in mind will look as fresh in six months? Consider going with marble or subway tile instead. Want a modern countertop that will still look fresh two years from now? Concrete might be a perfect choice. And nearly any neutral tone can serve as the foundation for a gorgeous bathroom.

2020 Design Tip #10: Don’t Forget Function

Incorporating the hottest trends into your bathroom remodel is more fun and inspiring than ever. But don’t forget to consider function along with form—a free-standing tub won’t work if you rarely have time for a soak or prefer jumping into a shower. Your bathroom design should incorporate true functionality, from storage space for all of your things to ease of use for family members of every age and ability. Smart, accessible design elements such as slip resistant flooring and seamless shower seats can ensure your safety and comfort without sacrificing beautiful design.

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