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Today is a great day to remodel your home. Our design styles: traditional, transitional, contemporary, and modern are building blocks to help you imagine your dream bathroom. Through our personalized, step-by-step consultation, Re-Bath can help you coordinate interior design elements like style, color, and products, to generate a well-designed bathroom within your budget.


Interior Design


Interior design is not just the look and décor of a space; it is the functionality and appeal. The best design meets the customer’s needs and wants first, while also infused with a touch of personality and beauty. Re-Bath’s trained experts emulate this in all we do. We can help you merge elements of a beautiful space (style, color, and pattern) in a design customized to meet your needs. We will choose pieces, colors, and products with similar design influences to help create the right scale, color, pattern, and texture for the room, and ensure you get the look you want.

Our Design Process


With more than 15 bathroom designs to choose from, Re-Bath design styles pair refreshing with comfortable. Our palettes feature a mix of old and new looks to create freshness and longevity. Traditional style takes inspiration from the past with solid brown and beige tones, and pairs them with refined, elegant elements for a sense of order. Contemporary designs employ the “less is more” idea, using solid patterns and minimal accessories. Clean white lines and cool polished tones are used to maximize space and natural light for an airy feel. Our transitional design merges both traditional and contemporary, blending warm comfort with the clean, “less is more” scheme, and neutrals with a simple pattern or texture. Modern elements are more forward-thinking: sleek, spacious, and simple. The main function is organization. When you pick a style, you begin to choose the look and feel of your dream bathroom. This will help us understand your vision, and effectively pair colors, patterns, and finishes to meet your needs.


A refined yet comfortable style that features classic, formal charm influenced by the past. Every element feels familiar, properly placed and welcoming. This style features lots of detail and ornamentation, playing up architectural detail as a centerpiece rather than hiding it. Cabinetry can be flush or inset with raised panel doors, and always paired with elegant knobs or handles (as opposed to handle-free). Decorative inserts and classic lighting ties the space together, giving it a warm, lived-in feel.


A harmonious style that balances classic elegance and contemporary chic. It embodies comfort and warmth. With a more relaxed feel than its traditional roots, transitional style lends the freedom to freshen up the look with trendy accessories. This style is crisp and straightforward with warm, neutral palettes and natural surfaces, such as wood and stone. Hardware is simple, yet elements like lighting can become statement pieces to give the room a focal point. Recessed panel doors with texture or light embellishments bring in the traditional roots without making it heavy.


An edgy yet organic style that thrives on geometry and function. It is unadorned, uncluttered and full of eye-catching appeal with cutting-edge appliances and accessories. Sleek cabinetry with simple hardware (or handle-less), minimal accessories, and high gloss finishes set the stage. A mixture of patterns and texture within a neutral or monochromatic palette bring interest, while eye-catching and edgy lighting finish the space. 


A highly functional and striking style, blending strong geometry and clean lines into a cutting-edge and clutter-free space. This style is low maintenance and free of visual clutter; the perfect oasis from everyday life. Despite being comprised of sleek cabinets and countertops with little or no hardware/decoration, lots of storage space can be found, providing ample opportunity for organization and maintaining its clutter-free look. Natural light and a neutral palette with lots of white plays up the spa-like feel, yet a pop of color feels right at home.


Our FREE Design Consultation Process

500x281-sketch-1.jpgRe-Bath understands the need for pairing look and décor with functionality and appeal. Our process entails that we listen carefully to our customer’s needs and wants, while considering elements that will make their space beautiful.

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