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What is Durabath? Re-Bath Durabath SSP NS

Remodeling your bathroom and wondering what Durabath SSP and NS are? Check out today's blog post about Durabath SSP and NS and learn what will work for you.

At Re-Bath, we recommend our proprietary product, DuraBath SPP, as a primary remove-and-replace solution for bathroom remodels. But what is DuraBath SSP? And where can it be used? What’s the difference between DuraBath Natural Stone product and DuraBath SSP product? We will walk you through the important details and distinctions of each:

DuraBath Natural Stone (NS)


NS is short for Natural Stone. The natural stone we use is harvested directly from 3,000 year old rock quarries across the globe. But what does DuraBath NS do, and what makes it different from other wall surrounds/systems?


Here’s just a couple of the benefits of DuraBath NS:

  • This is solid stone that won’t fade or discolor over time. Natural Stone can also be customized to include your favorite mosaic tile inlay.
  • The panels are groutless, meaning easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • DuraBath NS is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, and is not chemically treated
  • DuraBath NS is 100% waterproof, and 800% stronger than traditional stone slabs.

What Makes DuraBath Natural Stone so Strong?

These thin layers of stone are reinforced with an alloy backer, making them stronger than the traditional 3cm of stone, and 85% lighter than other stone competitors. As a bonus, this means transportation and installation costs are lower than competitors.

DuraBath NS is available in a wide variety of colors. Learn more about DuraBath Natural Stone here.

DuraBath SSP

Exclusive to Re-Bath, DuraBath SSP (solid surface polymer) outperforms acrylic materials used by other bathroom remodelers. Non-porous, resistant to mold, and completely waterproof, our DuraBath SSP wall surround is an affordable alternative to natural stone, while still getting the same beautiful look and feel. As if that issn’t great enough, DuraBath SSP is backed by a lifetime warranty. See our selection of DuraBath SSP colors, textures, and patterns here.





Where can I use DuraBath NS and SSP?

DuraBath’s waterproof surface and mold-resistance make it ideal to use just about anywhere in the bathroom. In particular, we recommend using it for shower and tub surrounds, wainscoating, and flooring. 

Interested in learning more? Check out your local Re-Bath and inquire about DuraBath. We’re happy to provide you a free, in-home consultation with personalized recommendations for ways to get the design and look you want for your bathroom while staying within your budget.


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