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Fabulous Bathroom Furnishings Guest Blog

Find out which bathroom furnishing fits your space from our guest blogger, certified interior designer Denise Teichert Krogman.


Our bathrooms are where we start and end our day, and have become a real focal point of homes. Often times it’s a gathering spot and a constant stream of people, getting ready for work or play (especially if you have teenagers!) With so many people going in and out, these small, yet busy spaces can quickly become cluttered. If you’re looking to add organization and calmness to your bathroom, invest in a few pieces of bathroom furniture. 

Here are stylish suggestions that fall under the bathroom furniture category.



Bathroom Furnishings


Vanities maximize the area below the sink, providing storage for your bathroom essentials. Ultimately, you will want to consider your entire space when choosing the right free-standing vanity. If you opt for a modern or contemporary look, consider a wall-hung vanity. Whichever style you choose, these beautiful furniture pieces are plentiful and add a great deal of character and function to your bathroom.