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Is Winter a Good Time To Remodel Your Bathroom?

Winter is a great time to remodel your bathroom for multiple reasons. Click here to learn 4 big reasons winter is a great time to remodel your bathroom:more

Bathroom Tile Replacement Durabath vs Tile

Using Durabath as your bathroom tile replacement solution. When should you use Durabath instead of tile in your home bathroom bathtub, shower, or flooring?more

Bathroom Resolutions For The New Year

Learn about the bathroom resolutions you can make for 2017 to improve your space and upgrade your bathroom. These bathroom resolutions are easy to implement.more

Fabulous Bathroom Furnishings Guest Blog

Find out which bathroom furnishing fits your space from our guest blogger, certified interior designer Denise Teichert Krogman.more

What is Durabath? Re-Bath Durabath SSP NS

Remodeling your bathroom and wondering what Durabath SSP and NS are? Check out today's blog post about Durabath SSP and NS and learn what will work for you.more

Do I Have Frozen Bathroom Pipes? Ways to Tell

Wondering if you have frozen bathroom pipes? Here are some ways to tell if your bathroom pipes are frozen and what you should do about it. Read more today:more

Make your Bathroom Smell like Christmas

We can show you how to make your bathroom smell like Christmas. Read more for ways to make your bathroom smell like Christmas using these simple tricks:more

Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable

Tips and tricks on keeping your bathroom cozy during darker months.more

2017 Bathroom Trends From Designers

2017 bathroom trends come in a variety of features, from new technology to heated floors and more. Learn about new 2017 bathroom trends here:more

New Bathroom Technology For 2017

New bathroom technology keeps coming out, with upgrades to showers, toilets and more. Read on to learn about new bathroom technology for 2017.more

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