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How to Pick the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans have a multitude of benefits, including extending the life of your bathroom. Whether you’re selecting your first bathroom exhaust fan, or replacing one that’s broken down, you’ll want to consider the following:more

Bathroom Safety Guidelines for the Whole Family

The bathroom is a unique place in the home where friends and family can pause for a moment to relax and refresh. However, this at-home retreat is also known as the most dangerous room in the house. A unique combination of factors, if not properly addressed, can lead to serious injury. Be aware of the following bathroom safety concerns and how to prevent them.more

How to Maximize Storage Space in a Small Bathroom

In a tiny bathroom, it can be tricky to keep everything you need easily accessible without making the bathroom feel cluttered or messy. While there are tricks to visually make a small bathroom appear larger, if you need to really utilize what little bathroom storage space you have, try these tricks to turn your tiny bathroom into a well organized, relaxing retreat.more

Remodeling a Moldy Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most dangerous rooms in the house for many reasons, but one of the most serious is mold. The warm, moist environment makes the perfect home for molds and mildews, some of which are toxic. These toxic molds in your moldy bathroom can cause serious health issues, including respiration problems, skin problems and more.more

7 Secrets to Perfectly Painting a Bathroom

Painting a bathroom can require a lot of time and effort, but save yourself stress and hassle by following these guidelines.more

The Best Paint Finish for Bathrooms

Painting is one of the quickest ways to make your bathroom feel like new. But to get the right look, you'll need to not only select the right colors, but choose the right paint finish for bathrooms. There's a wide variety of finishes and glosses out there. Below, we've listed the most common in range from high gloss to low gloss. Find out which we'd recommend for the bathroom.more

6 Best Ways to Conserve Water in Your Bathroom

As the hot summer months arrive, and water bills go up, it's time to think about how we can better conserve water. At Re-Bath, we believe in using water wisely. If you're looking for ways to conserve water in your home this summer, remember you can save a lot of water in the bathroom by doing the following.more

Fitting a Toilet: Make Your Toilet Look Amazing

A toilet in the bathroom is a necessity, but that doesn't mean it should be the first thing you see when you enter the room. Despite it's usefulness, the toilet can make the user feel embarrassed if it's in a prominent or awkward location in the bathroom, even when safely concealed behind locked doors. This makes your plans for fitting a toilet in your bathroom important.more

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