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5 Features For A Relaxing Shower

"Bathroom" is a synonym with "restroom" for a reason. Whether unwinding after a long day at work, preparing for the day, or taking a break from a social gathering, the bathroom is a place for people to refresh, get rested, and feel rejuvenated. Long bubble baths are a common way to de-stress after a hard day, but they aren't your only solution. You can also make a relaxing shower by installing certain features.more

Featured Product: Re-Bath Walnut Vein Cut NS

You can always expect quality products when remodeling with Re-Bath, and our Walnut Travertine Cut Natural Stone is no exception. So far, we've highlighted a variety of Re-Bath bathtub surrounds, both in our SSP material and our NS (Natural Stone), including our Brushed Linen SSP, French Mocha NS, White Calcutta SSP, and Tahoe Granite SSP. Today, we are featuring our Walnut Travertine Vein Cut Natural Stone.more

5 Clear Signs Your Bathroom is Outdated

An outdated bathroom is more than a matter of aesthetics. In the remodeling industry, there are universal design elements that are no longer popular in bathrooms. Renovating these elements can not only increase the resale value of your home, but save you money in the long run.more

Patriotic Bathroom Decor

Need festive bathroom decoration ideas for upcoming family reunions and the Fourth of July? Keep the following patriotic bathroom decor options in mind.more

Re-Bath Bathroom Vanity Remodel Before and After

It's common to get a bathroom remodel when appliances stop working, get damaged, or get stained. But just as common is the need to update a bathroom that no longer matches the owner's style, tastes, or personality. This is when a bathroom vanity remodel comes into play. While some bathrooms are clearly out-of-date, others personality clashes are less obvious.more

When was Soap Invented? A Brief History

Today, soap is commonly known as a cleanser, and we use it everyday, whether washing our hands or clothes. But where exactly did soap come from, and when was soap invented?more

Featured Product: Re-Bath Brushed Linen SSP Vignette

Planning a bathroom remodel this year? You’ll want to check out the latest designs and bathtub wall systems from Re-Bath. Today we are highlighting our Brushed Linen Durabath SSP.more

10 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Shower

Shower design is important. A poorly designed shower can turn a relaxing rinse into a stressful fight with technology. When designing your shower, make sure to plan ahead, and ask yourself the following questions.more

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