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Beautiful Bathroom Windows for Light and Privacy

Bathrooms, especially small ones, should be well lit not only to make it easier to apply makeup or shave, but also to make the bathroom feel open, bright, and welcoming. Natural light is especially refreshing. However, it's necessary to balance beautiful light with necessary privacymore

The Best Bathroom Scents for Spring

Spring is in the air and your bathroom should smell like it! Air fresheners, candles, soaps, and essential oils can all give your bathroom the desired feeling and smell you want. The question is: how do you decide what the best bathroom scents to feature in your bathroom are? Well, there are a few secrets to picking the perfect scent and we want to share them with you.more

Bathroom Shelving Options

In every bathroom, storage space is one of the most important considerations of a remodel. This is where bathroom shelving comes into play. In order to keep your bathroom beautiful and comfortable, it's wise to calculate how much storage you'll need and design your bathroom appropriately.more

Featured Product: Durabath Natural Stone French Mocha

Planning a bathroom remodel this year? You’ll want to check out the latest designs and bathtub wall systems from Re-Bath. Today we are highlighting our French Mocha Durabath Natural Stone.more

Designing a Universal Bathroom

Whether you have a big family, or a lot of friends, odds are, people of all different sizes will visit your bathroom on any given day. More importantly, if your family unit includes children, the elderly, or someone with a physical disability, you'll need a bathroom that can meet various needs. If you need to design a universal bathroom for your next bathroom remodel, be sure to consider the following.more

Small Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Wondering what a bathroom remodel before and after looks like? Check out this one Rebath recently performed! Each bathroom remodel that Re-Bath performs turns a standard bathroom into an oasis. Having a beautiful space is particularly important for small bathrooms, where the limited size can lead to claustrophobia or frustration if poorly designed.more

Caulking A Bathroom: 3 Tips to Caulking Successfully

When remodeling a bathroom, things can get messy very quickly. While plumbing and water-related problems are certainly feared by those new to bathroom remodeling, there is one sticky process that seems to catch many “newbies” off guard: Caulking a bathroom.more

White Calcutta SSP Bathtub Wall System

Planning a bathroom remodel this year? You’ll want to check out the latest designs and bathtub wall system from Re-Bath. Today we are highlighting the White Calcutta SSP vignette.more

Why is My Bathroom Plant Dying?

A bathroom plant has a multitude of benefits, from cleaning the air of toxins, to providing fresh air and ambiance to the bathroom. However, not all plants are perfectly suited for the bathroom environment. If your bathroom plant is dying, learn how to save it by reading the list of symptoms and cures below.more

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