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Bathtub Surrounds Made With Tahoe Granite SSP

Planning a bathroom remodel this year? You'll want to check out the latest designs and bathtub surrounds from Re-Bath.more

Why Everyone Wants a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

These days, having a bathroom exhaust fan is required by building code in a multitude of places, but if your house was built before the 1960's, they weren't routinely installed. However, did you know you can extend the life of your bathroom by installing a bathroom exhaust fan?more

Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions

Bathroom remodels should create a space that is beautiful, relaxing and useful. One way to ensure all three is by investing in a vanity with plenty of bathroom vanity storage space.more

Toilet Brush Care

Ideally, the toilet should be scrubbed every two weeks or twice a month, and a toilet brush should be cleaned just as often. Maintain the cleanliness and effectiveness of your toilet brush by...more

Top 7 Spring Bathroom Trends

With spring blossoms shyly poking out of the ground, and the ambiance of new beginnings in the air, everyone gets a little bit of spring fever and looks for ways to clean or renovate their homes - and the bathroom is no exception! As with everything, trends change, and this years bathroom trends are no different.more

Best Bathroom Plants & How to Care for Them

Plants can make a beautiful addition anywhere in the home, but in particular, bathroom plants create an ambiance of fresh, clean, air with their green foliage and colorful blossoms.more

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